Poetry, this masterpiece of simplicity!

The day came slow and the sun hit warmer, leaving traces of memories. I clumsily opened the window, to welcome the first touch of breeze, mixed with the smell of the tangerine tree in grandma’s garden.

I could see the small girl, carrying the school bag as it was filled with heavy bricks and greeting her mom. This house always brings sequences of childhood in me.

I’ve never been usual. Being stuck between an ordinary life and a great imagination, often I have played with my consciousness and tricked my reality.

Discovering myself was never enough, never too much. I don’t know if poetry found me or I found poetry, but many times, crossed-legged, I have sat on the edges of timeless earth, without the anxiety of separation from my own body, without fuss. I have translated sunsets, dreams, sleep, worlds, souls, in words, and I have kept each of them in glassy containers, as an untitled collection, as a mosaic of everyday life.

Hence, I do believe that poetry has the power to strengthen a conviction; to enrich colors; to walk with you, through an epic journey, from the most abstract essences to the most concrete ones.

I do believe that a poet has the power to trouble you with the beauty of the word, and to calm you with the wiseness of thought.

But what does poetry do to a poet?

Well, it’s sometimes a curse, sometimes a blessing. Sometimes a headache, sometimes a soothing therapy. I can only give the example of my freshest poem ‘’Unwritten Frankenstein’’ and how relieved from an unexplainable bothersome burden, I felt, after writing it:

Unwritten Frankenstein

When the whole city sleeps,

my bestial shiver wakes up

as an unwritten Frankenstein

drawn upon the '90s zeitgeist

in labels





The whole city sleeps,

embracing my polka dot dress

as the veil of night

trying to be on time

for the wedding

without a bride.

My bestial shiver wakes up

as asymmetrical light

disturbing the city's darkness,

when everyone sleeps


when everyone maybe, weeps.

It’s a kind of testimony of what you are, what you feel, what surrounds you, what captivates you.

So simple, yet so profound.

You would like to change it after a while, improve it, undo it?

Maybe, but nothing weakens the power of being able to yell loud ‘That’s it! I belong somewhere!’.

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