Pandemic & Virtual Events!

The months of being isolated from friends, family and colleagues have altered us in a big way, my life was all about travelling for events, living out of bags and now suddenly being home and having to adapt to a sedentary lifestyle was very difficult.

However, I saw it as a welcome opportunity to slow down, go for walks and relax enjoy quality time with family and my pet dog and thanks to technology being able to stay connected with friends on social media made it easier. A lot of time for introspection, meditation, yoga, learning to cook, reading books that I never had the time to take up most of my time.

With everything happening online, the live events industry went through a big transformation as well. Virtual events have been a lot of fun for me though I miss being on stage and the high energy atmosphere that a live event has is something I am eagerly waiting to experience again. However, adapting to change is the only way to survive and thrive.

I set up my virtual hosting stage where instead of the usually led background on stage has been mostly a blank wall to be able to add the virtual background and instead of stage lights and spotlight it is the handy ring light that I am so much in love with.

some of her recent events. I have hosted plenty of corporate and social events. To name a few- 'Ambuja ke sitare Musical night with singer Shaan', 'Realty+ Conclave Excellence Awards, 'Navi Mumbai Mahanagar Palika Musical night with Shankar Mahadevan', 'Zimmer Biomet Awards Night with Comedian Angad Singh Ranyal.' And a few virtual family gatherings like anniversary events and birthdays.

The online transition hasn’t made the job easy however they do have some positives for sure. There is no need to wear heels, can wear a pretty outfit paired with pyjamas and flip-flops. All from the comfort of my home, no early morning flights and no travelling in traffic. Also being seated throughout the event is a different experience.

Challenges that i have faced while hosting virtual events. Not being able to interact with the audience is the biggest challenge, not getting any response as the medium is one way on zoom, interactive activities and games where the audience has to participate and respond is impossible.

Also at times, the internet connection becomes unstable which I must say is the most dreaded one. During the event background noises like construction sounds, dog barking etc disturbances.

I certainly have positive expectations for future as I have plenty of events lined up, I am looking forward to making international trips for events and with friends.

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