Opportunities don't happen. You create them...

18 years old girl, She was born in paradise, where the snow cladded mountains, the blooming fresh buds, the golden meadows add to the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

Her birthplace is in a beautiful district namely (Bandipora) which is situated on the banks of Asia's largest fresh water lake, Wular. She was brought up here, and from the very young age she has indefinite love for writing, the setting gives her inspiration to give shape to her imagination.

Besides pursuing her academic dreams in science stream, She started her career as a writer when she was in 9th standard and has so far co-authored more than 25+ anthologies, Authored One solo book namely "Shadowless evening". Success followed her and she has won 150+ accreditations in writing.

She is a multi-talented and multidimensional girl, not only writing has won her accolades but she is a Red Belt and twice medalist in National level in Sqay Martial Arts. “This success I attribute to my coach and mentor Jamsheeda,” the teenager says. Nazarna added that she has been her inspiration all along.

She's Exemplary youth Awardee under category "Best author", Limelight awardee, Talented 30 Awardee under category "Best youth icon of 2021".

She is also Aspirant William Shakespeare literature awardee under title "Indian National idol" Pen player Of year 2021 of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from that she has been nominated for various awards including Saahitya spectrum Award, Hindustan writer Award, Indian School Awards, Ambitious Award, Glantor X Women leader Award and many more.

She's selected writer at split poetry India. She's 'Literary lieutenant' in the' Army of literary warriors' at story mirror. Also, She's additionally working as Campus Ambassador intern at International Model United Nations.

She said that this way of thinking has greatly attributed my success. She said, “In my future I see myself as a loyal Doctor, Best speaker, Best Athlete and Bestest Writer”.

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