Online education - The stress catalyst!

As we know that due to the terrible situation spread by the pandemic COVID-19, world is slipping back to feet , the economy is worse affecting, education system is degrading, above all not even human beings but all comforts and discomforts assigned to human beings are affected badly.

Due to this pandemic education sector has introduced online studies and study material in order to felicitate the studies of students. Though it's a welcoming step taken by the respective authorities, but it is bound to have a bundle of limitations. it's directly or indirectly an invitation to mental stress succeeded by physical stress among the students.

A lot of research has been done on the excessive use of smart phones, tablets and laptops which has tempered the common living. the recent research done on this topic at University of Toledo, have found that the exposure to blue light - the glow emitted by smart phone like devices directly promotes the growth of poisonous molecules in our eyes which is independently ruining our eyesight.

The poisonous molecules thus germinated leads to the macular degeneration. Most part of the retina as well as optic nerves are worst affected even in some cases permanent eyesight loss is a consequence.

Macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of night blindness in USA with about 200,000 cases reported per year, among them the community which is mostly affected is bankers.

Though in this era of technology, smart phones are one of the few devices that have become an integral part of our lives. Infect they acts as our fellows; smartphones make our life easier in spite of being limitations.

Mobile phone radiations have been classified as a "possible carcinogen" by WHO. It's wholly true because the continuous exposure to the smartphones poses an increased risk of brain cancer.

Some researchers in Finland have concluded that brain tissue damage in recent years could be a cradle of smartphones.

An Italian court recently ruled that a man's heavy mobile phone use caused him to develop a benign brain tumour, as his job required the usage of mobile phone for 3-4 hours every day for about 15 years. These are some case studies on the worst effects of mobile phones.

However, a teacher may teach thousands of students on online mode with proper internet connection. This limitless reach also offers substantial benefits to schools as; it saves money by reducing the number of teachers.

For college students up to university level where students are taught to become self-reliant, it's badly affecting a student who is guided by a well instructor in a classroom, traditional classrooms can never be replaced by online modelling. This is the main problem and an utmost reservoir of stress among students. Its where less proficient student tends to race into trouble. Our smart phones have enough power to accelerate the whole activities of brain.

In this online education children below the age of 18 are badly affected, some research suggests that the bone marrow of a child's head absorbs almost ten times more radiations than an adult. So, it will gradually become one of the greatest concerns among students in future.

Online education and eBooks are still in the youth. Many approaches are possible, and some may ultimately benefit students with deep and diverse needs. As of now however the evidence is clear. For advanced learners, online classes or stuff being provided are a terrific option, but academically challenged and the students belonging to poor family’s needs a classroom with teacher's assistance.

In the case of students who are from far-flung areas and poor communities , they even don't afford a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and still where electricity is out of reach becomes a greatest hinder not only in their studies, but they also get mentally stressed.

After all, taking a class without face-to-face talk requires high level of self-motivation, self-regulation, and organization. Otherwise, there will be an entrance of day when spectacle dominate eye lenses.

By online mode or e-book mode of reading there develops strain in eyes, fatigue, sleeplessness, neurological problems, muscular pain, etc. Which directly or indirectly invites an era dominant of stress.

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