One person can make a difference, and everyone should try...

In the streets of downtown, activism is finding a new desk. Hailing from downtowns Srinagar, Mir Aftab a young and generous social activist is giving social work a new life. Mir Aftab is perusing bachelors in Tourism through IGNOU.

Aftab has been actively participating in sports activities thus emerging as modal for youth, he has received many state level medals and has played many national level JUDO Wrestling. Besides studying Mir works in a medical research centre.

Mir was entrusted since childhood in working for people. He joined hands with every that person who had intention for working for humanity. With his unique ways and motivation of working,

Aftab from time to time has worked with many people by taking on their positive side but for execution of his own ideas and working style he laid foundation of Thrive Kashmir in 2021.

Thrive Kashmir has worked in many domains and in a unique and effective way.

Many prosperous and successful initiatives have been taken from time to time. Like book distribution drive in a totally unique way, medical camps on a greater time note, ongoing blood arrangement mechanism which is an achievement, medicine distribution, food kit distribution in peak covid time.

Besides it thrive Kashmir has successfully managed many grand events in valley. While on its social media handlers most of the necessary issues where highlighted. With the grace of God Allah (swt) we are getting our goals step by step successfully.

We try to help in all kinds of essential services especially the medical equipment to the needy one's.

Our main motto is to help people to get them out of their fed-up situation, we try to be the reason of some one's smile, so that we put our all efforts in front when people really need, we provide health care aids and organise blood donation camps etc.

We are having much broader vision in this regards but to make this possible we need full support of public whether they would do on social media or financially they will be highly appreciated and will be rewarded here after in sha Allah

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