No dream is unattainable: Be resilient!

A girl, living in the fast-paced city of Delhi, wondering if her dreams would ever become a reality. A middle child from a middle-class family. I learned early on in my life, about the value of opportunities and how our decisions shape our lives.

I am Barkha Khandelwal. A 23-year-old girl with eyes full of dreams and a brain filled with creativity. I spend most of my time imagining a future as I know that is how we create one.

I work as a Visual content creator with utmost passion and love for the process of content creation. I love to travel and meet with amazing human beings on these journeys. Film making and photography are other passions that I like to pursue.

I was never a crusher in academics nor did I go to a dream college. Acquiring knowledge from various sources and learning new things has always been up to my alley.

I have a graduation and post-graduation in English Literature. It augmented my skills as a storyteller and writer. But I could never create a profession out of the conventional methods. I always had a knack for doing this in uncustomary ways. Although few were fond of this, I still pursued and persevered.

I started my journey as a graphic designer 5 years back. My keen observation and interest in art forms and cultures landed me at Arena animation (a designing institute).

After learning different designing software for 3 years, creating various crafts, a bit of painting, and sketching and directing 2 independent films and a song, I graduated from the institute with a degree in animation-VFX and a ton of creative skills.

I started as a freelance graphic designer and video editor. But somewhere in my heart, I knew it was never gonna be just that.

I worked with different brands for their design projects. Now I help companies to build their brand. I advise them on the techniques they should follow to grow their brand. I enjoy providing them with remarkable designs and videos to showcase their brand.

In this era of digital creators, I am fascinated by the growth of social media. My interest compelled me to learn about it. I ended up with a job as the Creative Head at a digital marketing startup, Get catalyzed. This helped me become proficient in management, social media growth, and teamwork.

All this was good but not enough. I had to bring something that satisfied my soul along with my bank statement. I helped brands establish a reputation in the market and their growth fascinated me. And hence, I started my e-commerce startup. I and my sister teamed up to bring forth Vidarb, a brand that makes products for a better living experience. We provide products that light up your day with customized gifting solutions. I add value to my brand by creating ingenious designs and ideas.

Wearing all these hats has served a big purpose for me. It gives me a better sense of self. I push my boundaries each time I change course in my career. This way I am never stuck and the creative soul inside me keeps getting better.

Some things that never change for me are - Experimentation and learning. These are the motivators in my life and somewhere the goal too.

I am still that girl who lives in a city and dreams big. Each achievement in my life has allowed me to dream bigger. That is what I would love you all to do. Dream big, find your passion, and keep putting in hard work.

Don’t be afraid to learn and create something new every day. Let your imagination wander to the farthest, and allow yourself to bring it on. Be resilient and never give up on yourself. You are your own support. Work, achieve, clap for yourself and move ahead.
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