Man behind Madhya Pradesh Wheelchair Cricket Team | Kabir Singh Bhadoria

Updated: Jun 10

His name is Kabir Singh and he was born in a small village of Madhya Pradesh, Raipura, which is located in district Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. A few years ago Kabir was diagnosed with Polio and since then he was not able to walk on his legs.

After diagnosing with polio his struggling journey started, After completing his studies at Bhind and Gwalior Kabir developed his interest in Cricket. Kabir had a lot of love for cricket. And, from the year 2016, Kabir started playing cricket officially.

He was the one who formed the disabled Wheelchair Madhya Pradesh cricket team. Before forming the Madhya Pradesh Cricket team Kabir played for two years with the disabled wheelchair cricket team of Uttarakhand. Currently, Kabir is playing as the Captain of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket team.

Gwalior wheelchair cricketer Kabir Singh Bhadoria also requested MP Jyotiraditya & Sports Minister Yashodhara Raje of SC India for support.

Singh quoted, "Namaskar my name is Kabir Singh and I am a resident of Gwalior. Wheelchair Divyang Cricketer and our Madhya Pradesh Wheelchair Cricket Team need your support. Kindly help wheelchair cricketers get support from Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association."

Kabir has the record of playing most number of state level matches. He played more than 50 matches in a national team of Madhya Pradesh. Kabir has won multiple trophies while playing in this team.

Kabir played an important role in the tournament, Delhi Championship, where he brought the trophy for his team. And he was proud to have his team’s name on the trophy. Today, Madhya Pradesh Wheelchair Cricket Team is India's brightest team and his name is included in it.

And there has also been a struggling cricket with a struggling life, in which he has prepared a platform for all the players of the state, who today, are living a respectful life in the society by staying away from their homes.

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