Life is not lived by Body but Mind | Puja Subramaniam

Updated: Jun 10

True personality emerges when a person is tested under severely odd circumstances. This statement holds true for Puja, who fought and won her right to live an accomplished life. Born with a rare progressive neuromuscular disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth, Puja never learned how to give up.

Her legs, hands, and voice are severely affected and due to the progressive nature of her disease. She faces a new challenge with her mobility and independency, everyday. But with the armor of her mental strength, she never lets anything keep her away from achieving newer heights of success.

Puja had been a bright student throughout her academic life. She gave up her choice of education because she wasn’t physically competent. She was active in singing and won many acclaims, but her disease affected her voice and she could not sing any more. She engrossed herself in attaining higher education. She got selected by the institute of Management Studies, Indore to pursue her Masters in Financial Administration (MFA).

By that time, her disease had worsened, and she could not walk without the support of a walker. She would write by weaving the pen between her fingers. Later, she became a member of CMT International, Canada and U.K, and was awarded the International scholarship from CMT International, Canada, for her bright academic performance.

On completing her education, she chose to be self employed and started her organization “Efficacy Institute,” for English language training, personality development and special training programs. She dedicated this institute exclusively to educating women and children as she firmly believes that it is only through education that a woman can become self reliant and strong enough to face the challenges of life.

In 2003, she got married and started a new life with the dual responsibility of a wife and a professional. Despite the severity and threats of her disability, she gave birth to her son in 2005. After that, she could no longer walk. It was a low phase for her, but with her inborn attitude of a fighter, she regained her vibrant spirit and accepted the new challenges with courage. Bringing up a child was a herculean task for her weak body, but she did it with full vigor and optimism.

Realizing the power of inspirational writing, she signed up for the journalism course at Symbiosis, Pune, and started writing motivational articles for women and persons with disabilities. Her work has been published in the journal of CMT organization of U.K.

In 2007, along with her husband, she founded her company “Bolster Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd”. She established it as an organization that offers the most versatile engineering solutions and training services across the nation. In 2015, She founded a non-profit organization named ‘Wings Society,” for the welfare of women and persons with disability.

For the first time in India, she introduced wheelchair Tai-chi and martial arts for persons with disability. She is a motivational speaker who has counseled and helped many to overcome the physical and mental barriers of life.

Beyond all odds, today Puja is leading a fulfilled life of a successful woman entrepreneur, an educationist, a dedicated wife, a proud mother, and a genuine motivator. She is a living example of the victory of a strong mind over a weak body, for many people who withdraw before the challenges of life. She abides by her own code of life, which is, “Life is not lived by body, but mind”.

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