Let passion drive your profession!

I’m a professional emcee for 9+ years and have travelled around the country, I love what I do. When I am on stage, I feel complete, I feel blessed. There is no beautiful feeling than having your passion as your profession. Over the years I have grown to be a better person because of the profession I choose.

Having pursued my masters in MS-communication and having a journalism background, I still choose to continue with this. I think this should speak volumes towards the love I have for my profession.

And the journey hasn’t been a cakewalk, I have had my share of ups n downs and it’s still the same. But I thank God for whatever I have accomplished. Emceeing started more like a passion when I was in college, and it slowly turned out to be my profession. I have always believed that a job should be such that when you sleep at night you should sleep with a smile and wake up with a smile.

Being an anchor and a session speaker gives me immense happiness and great satisfaction. I also enjoy session speaking, it’s a platform where I get to share my knowledge and am glad that I made this choice. What’s nice about my profession is I am the boss and I get to tame, trim, and take decisions that are right for me.

Vision as an anchor is to make the events, I host memorable for a lifetime for my audience. If the audience and the client are happy with my job. Then I consider that to be a super happy day for me.

Vision as a session speaker is to deliver the best of my knowledge and being able to bring positive change in one’s life effectively. If my session can make a slight positive difference in one’s life, then I will consider myself to have done my job sincerely.

Moreover, session speaking gives me the strength to speak my heart out and motivate people hearing me and learning through challenges of life. I enjoy every session I conduct, and my only vision always is to inspire more and more people and leave a remarkable impact on them. Vision as a voice-over artist is to give my voice to ads and movies.

So, like I said I am an anchor, session speaker, corporate presenter, and voice over artist. I host corporate events, team building events, product launches, seminars, conference, and weddings events too.

And as a session speaker so far, I have sessions on – Personality development, communication is the key to success, powerful people skills for success, stage management, stress management and many more.

I have also judged several competitions at colleges like personality development, pick n to speak, fashion icon, etc. and have been invited to Judge Miss India Elegant 2018, Mrs. India Elegant 2019. Of course, this is not a service that I offer, but am glad to attend these functions and motivate participants to deliver their best.

Every profession has its own pros and cons, and even with my profession, I face difficulties. There can never be a journey that is colourful without any flaws, but what’s important is how you overcome the flaws despite the hurdles and how you gear up and motivate yourself time and again.

Also, it’s very important to have support from your family. What I am today is firstly thanks to Allah, and then my father and my family. My father is the reason for my success and for me to stay strong.

I stay focused in whatever projects I take up and I don’t let myself disheartened at any step of life. I have my back always. I guess that’s the best way to get rid of stress and pressure. Trust and belief in yourself. I know the art of convincing and consoling myself. And this is the only reason I have been able to get this far.

Staying humble and being grounded. Right attitude leads you to success.

The key to success is the right communication and the right attitude. And above all finding out what’s your X factor and working towards it.

Acceptance of your talent. And acceptance of your flaws. Is the key to success.
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