Journey of a Founder: Channeling Dreams of Youth Aspirants!

Drashti Mehtaa Rao is a successful Businesswoman who is modern yet sympathetic, insightful yet amicable and an entrepreneur who is guiding students and individuals who are in pursue for a right career path.

She is a soft hearted and down to earth woman who advises career-minded students to evaluate their present situations and to constantly explore different career options that would develop strong foundations for the students in their pursuit to achieving success.

She is an individual who believes in looking into the concerns, issues and struggles, kids of this generation face throughout their educational career. She is a strong business development professional, graduated from Halifax University, holds a Certification in Global Career counselling from UCLA and a Green Belt Certification from Global Career Counselling University, Singapore.

What made her career counsellor?

Drashti recollects her childhood, where her parents were not aware of her likes and dislikes. She realized that for a child to start developing an interest towards a particular career option starts at a very early age.

The most essential element in selection of career options is directly linked to the understanding that is shared between a child and his parent. This led her to take up her own decisions where she faced a lot of problems and when she got married, she decided that her kids would not face any such problems. She made it clear that her kids would be free to opt out for any profession of their liking and choice. Her relationship with her kids and the overall methods that she positively impacted her work. She began working on the role of an educator and a counselor.

After carrying out a role of an educator and a counsellor for more than 10 years and encompassing immense experience, she gauged a lack of clarity and confusions on the part of Indian students in general. Most of the students picked for careers based on, parent’s, relatives’ choices or peer pressure and regretted it later.

Thus, she decided to bring a change and help students with their career choices and providing insightful solutions to their challenges. As there are many conflicts and confusions faced by professionals and students, with an intuitive sense and innate attentiveness, focused approach ensured that students are always on a growth path and are never stagnated. This is what drove her to be into this profession and she started her own organization Your Edu Mentor

“Counselling is not about knowing all the answers; it is about having the patience to find them.” - Drashti Mehtaa Rao

Making an idea turn into reality! Your Edu Mentor

The Idea

Today’s youth and generation, often get confused and fail to measure and find their own likings. They fail to understand their potentials and gauge their own strengths. They chose the path that either their siblings, or friends have chosen and end up into a place or job of not their choice or passion.

In general, the individuals are skeptical about choosing a career path that is unique and somewhat new, they are more inclined towards selecting a career that is generic. A surplus of the student hold back from enrolling for a program of their own liking because they feel it has relatively less acceptance from people around them.

This opened the doors towards providing counselling to students that have many doubts and confusions regarding selection of a career path of their own liking.


She always had her focus on helping students in guiding in choosing their career. As the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the entire world and halted the entire offline education system, this led to online studies being adopted across the nation by various schools. The overall stress and depression that the students were facing due to the pandemic, along with the transition towards online studies made Drashti jump onto this opportunity. She started free counselling sessions to students and parents via Zoom Meetings. This gave her an insight of the help and support that the students needed during these tough times.


At Your Edu Mentor, the team had by then setup an office with just one table and chair in a very small premise. Drashti’s hard work and insightfulness led to her company’s growth at an extremely fast pace. She has been receiving a lot of positive response for her work.


As her amazing journey progressed, her thoughts and aims got wings that reached higher, upwards towards her dream accomplishment. She soon came across a diverse range of problems that a student faces, not just related to education or selection of a particular career stream. It was instead about what one aspired and wanted to be in life and how students wished to convert an existing problem into an opportunity.

Many students do not feel a sense of pride in their particular stream and often question their own existence and fail to gauge their own accomplishments. These were the moments where she started her own Mentorship Program where students could be able to know more about themselves and know how beautiful their life is?

Planning & Execution

After researching and understanding the need and the existing conditions, the team started to develop awareness and planned activities like webinars, seminars and other activities like free workshop, free sessions on career counselling.

At Your Edu Mentor, the team plans all their services in a very unique and effective method, and every day is a new challenging phase with students coming up with different sort of problems. The team are readily available to anyone for any sort of problems in their life.

“Channeling thoughts of students should be the prime focus of their parents and counselors”- Drashti Mehtaa Rao

Drashti looks towards a better future, wherein the students become more career oriented, and she aims to keep positively impacting lives of hundreds and thousands of students.

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