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Journey from being a TV Actress to being a Spiritual Coach, Transforming lives | Sonal Udeshi

Sonal Udeshi is a well-known tv actress, Pranic Healer, and Tarot Master/Angel-Oracle Reader by profession. Born in a very spiritual family Sonal Udeshi was always into Deep meditations, Chanting Mantras and has been a staunch believer in karma since a kid. She is a born Indigo Child, an empath, and was born with special healing touch and intuitive power. Whatever she used to say would come out to be true.

She got her 1st Astral Projection at the age of 3. She was an old soul born with deep values since a kid. She excelled in Sports & Dramatics in School and that’s how she started acting at a very early age.

She did many serials the main title lead for the National Channel of India i.e., DD National, and also did an international serial as title lead for Afghanistan made on women empowerment. She also did some Music Videos and Ads.

She was happy being an actor but always felt a void somewhere within. As if something was missing in life as she wanted to do something more meaningful in life than being just an actor. Also being an empath, she was too sensitive to the pain and suffering around her. She always felt she can reduce the pain and suffering of people through her healing abilities but didn't know how to proceed as the acting was keeping her too busy.

But then there were difficult times in her life when her dad got a heart attack and had to go under Cabg surgery in an emergency also, she lost a close family friend, her mentor due to kidney failure.

At that moment something shifted in her and she decided to give up her acting career and concentrate totally on the esoteric science of healing and spirituality. It was an inner calling, a spiritual awakening of her soul that surfaced and she realized she has to be in the healing and prediction field to be able to help other people and save lives.

She then did levels of esoteric courses in healing and tarot predictions in India and abroad to brush up her healing and prediction skills. She also took divinity in Tarot Reading and became a Tarot Master and then finally she got into full-fledged Pranic Healing and Tarot Angel-Oracle Reading & also worked as a Motivational Spiritual Coach for all her clients.

Since then, there is no looking back. She is the happiest person today transforming many lives in India and abroad. She heals and cures all kinds of physical/psychological ailments and addictions permanently. She also does financial & relationship healings for her clients to help them excel in their careers, finances, and relationships by removing their blockages and aligning their chakras.

She does miraculous distant healing and predictions via video calls and that’s how clients from different parts of the world can take the benefits of her healing and predictions from the comfort of their homes. If you wish to rewire your brain, excel in life, and get a permanent cure to all your problems then you can reach out to her on her social media Accounts.

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