Journey From A Corporate Employee To A Spiritualist...

Rishi, decided to dream and take a path that few would dare when everything was going right in their life. He decided to break their Chakravyuh and started to explore life and evolve on various parameters.

Rishi was heading the Sales division, Mumbai city, for an NBFC (A Non-Banking Financial Company). In 2011, they were blessed with a daughter, Kiara. Rishi asked himself what he could give his daughter beyond money? His work was hectic due to which he could not figure out the answer. And after a year or so he found the answer i.e. ‘I want Kiara to believe that when she grows up, she can chase her dreams but the issue was that Rishi did not have any dreams to chase. So, he quit his job to figure out the purpose of his life and then chase his dreams.

Rishi spoke to Mehak and told her that he has quit his job. She asked ‘What’s your dream?’ Rishi replied, ‘I don’t have one and I need time to figure it out. I don’t know by when I will be able to finalise what I want to do. But if you can support me, I am sure we can pull off something. I can face the world and fight everyone only if you are by my side.

If you think you won’t be able to handle the stress and pressure then let me know. I will find another job.’ Without hesitation, Mehak said, ‘Let’s do it. Let’s dream.’ Once Mehak gave the green signal the journey began. First thing he did was told his parents, brothers and sister in laws (he stays in a joint family of 13people) that he wanted time to think what he is supposed to do in life. After lot of discussion, debates, arguments, finally his family relented and started to supported him. But the pressure was on.

Rishi every single moment to start working and start earning again. Everyday he saw a question on his father’s face “What do you want to do and when will you start working on it?” but Rishi had no answer to this question and other questions that he was asked everyday by his father.

For next 18 to 20 months, Rishi was totally clueless and he went through a roller-coaster ride of emotions from frustration, to depression. He started having blood pressure problems, he would suddenly burst out into crying, he was not able to sleep for more than 3-4 hours and every moment he has a question in his mind, “What am I supposed to do?”.

He got into a shell and started to speak less, started spending more time with his daughter, wife and family. Twenty-four hours he asked himself only one question “What am I supposed to do?”. He used to have anxiety attack; as he was not sure what he is supposed to do and whichever idea came to his mind somehow, he (his soul) could not feel connected to the idea. He was sure he will do only that work with which his heart, mind and soul will connect.

Finally in 2013, one day, he got attracted to a Bhagwad Geeta’s audio CD and he started to listen to it. He kept on listening to Bhagwad Geeta every day for a year. While listening, he got attracted to Indian Epics, popularly called as Ancient Indian History or Indian Mythology. His interest in Indian Epics grew every minute; soon he started reading books concise version of Shiv Puran, Bhagwattam Puran, Vishnu Puran, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc.

In February, 2014 he was blessed with a son, Parth. He was still not able to figure out what to do in life. In August 2014 one night he got up with a thought to dedicate his life to Indian Epics not only in reading but sharing the learnings with the world.

He finally found peace, he found all the answers that kept him awake for last 3 years, finally he found a purpose. And now he decided to become a trainer and take sessions based on Indian Epics; then he along with Mehak started designing sessions and started taking sessions for everyone from children, to youngsters, home makers, corporate employees, entrepreneurs, and senior citizens.

Thus started a journey of which both of them had not even dreamt. Rishi’s background, interest and curiosity to bring his knowledge to experience, resulted in an unusual journey of a Spiritualist.

Now Rishi started working 14-16 hours a day; reading books, watching videos, movies related to Indian Epics. Started attended many sessions of different speakers and saints. Started giving demo workshops to his family and friends and took feedback from them on his content, interpretation and presentation skills.

He recorded all his presentation videos and then Mehak used to give him feedback. On daily basis he worked on all the (area of improvement) feedback he received from everyone. And when Rishi and Mehak felt that now Rishi is ready to handle an audience he started taking sessions based on Indian Epics. He takes session based on Behavioural topics, Sales trainings, outbound training, he is a motivational and a Key Note Speaker.

Some of Rishi’s achievements are as follows:

  • Since 2015 he has delivered 1,000+ sessions.

  • Across 50+ cities in India and 10+ countries.

  • Facilitated 25,000+ participants across 25+ industries.

  • Delivered for more than 150+ organisations and across 10+ countries.

  • Rishi has also delivered for 10+ fortune 500 companies.

  • Rishi and Mehak have also authored a book called “Break Your Leadership Chakravyuh”.

  • Rishi is an Inter faith speaker at international level.

  • His podcast Mahabharat ki Kahaani Rishi ki Zubaani is on Saregama Carvaan 2.0.

  • Teaches “Management Lessons from Mahabharata” to 1000+ students every year at Shree Balaji Society College, Pune.

  • He has featured in many newspaper articles as well.

When you ask him what are his learnings form his life, he shares the following learnings:

  • Break your Chakravyuh – real success lies beyond your comfort zone.

  • Fear is more in the mind than in reality; taking the first step towards your dream in the toughest but once you take that step then the fear reduces.

  • To be satisfied, and successful be honest to yourself .

  • The soul should be the leader of life and mind should be the follower.

  • Mind is your biggest enemy; it will make you believe in things (fears) that do not exist also. So don’t allow fears to rule your life.

  • Ensure you get support of your family. Their support will give you wings to fly fast and high.

  • If your spouse if your best friend and support then you can win over all obstacles that you will ever face.

  • People will laugh, make fun of you, will pull you down, will demotivate you, will abuse you, will slap you, will do whatever it takes for you not to chase your dream. But you should always believe in yourself and your dreams; as dreams do come true.

  • And as mentioned in Indian Epics “Amrit jo hain zeher ke baad hi milta hain” don’t give up on your dreams, there is only one end of your struggle and that is success. SO NEVER EVER GIVE UP

And yes, he keeps sharing his lessons from epics, management lessons and life lessons with his kids, his niece and nephews and they all believe that if their father / uncle can chase his dream so can they.

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