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It is very important to start believing in yourself | Sun Yong

So many years I’ve ignored my gut feelings or my inner feelings, because I was afraid I might be wrong, or I can’t be right as to what my inner feelings I was feeling as to what I should do.

Sometimes I have shared my gut feelings with someone that I love close to me, and they have told me that that’s not true or not real, or I was wrong, therefore I end up listening to them and I end up just ignoring my inner feelings.

So when there is chaos in my life I just hate myself for not listening to my gut feelings and just listening to others, just to make them happy, yet deep in my feelings I was right all along.

So when others try to take me down or to confirm what my gut feeling is telling me is something that I have made up, I always question how do they know.

It took me a long time to start believing in myself and what I feel, my gut feelings, or inner peace I feel, I need to recognize and give myself respect as to what my gut feelings are telling me to do. And take action, rather it’s positive or negative.

Don’t let them talk you out of them. Otherwise, we start to self-sabotage after listening to others sabotage us, by putting us down, my feelings aren’t important, it’s all made up.

It is very important to start believing in yourself, start respecting yourself, and don’t let anyone else stop you, Who is in control? You!

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