It is not enough to be compassionate, you must act...

Iqbal Masoodi is a storyteller, a podcaster, radio presenter, a fashion model and a social activist. Currently he is doing a talk show (Special chat with iqbal masoodi) in Hotel york dalgate where he calls many talented persons from diverse backgrounds .

Apart from this he is working as President north kashmir in serving nations NGO he has provided helping hand to the poor and needy people and has also worked tirelessly during covid times and has helped many people across the valley.

Being featured in Gogo Magazine he said as we see myriad of problems in our society, economic slowdown during Covid 19 exacerbated the problems and poor couldn’t afford quality education along with women folk facing various issues, almost every section of the society is facing problems, the downtrodden section of the society cannot even fulfil the basic needs of their, all this made him think that he must contribute towards his society in whatever capacity he can…. So he chose to do social work.

His aim is to make the society develop in every sector and keeping his main focus on women empowerment and education to the destitute.

He further states that after 75 years of independence the majority of people living in rural areas still don’t have access to basic amenities. Many Governments have been changing for the past 75 years but none of them made sincere efforts to ease the miseries of the underprivileged rural populace. He then mentions a brief account of a village – Dolipora village in Trehgam block district Kupwara has been facing worst kind of neglect from all the quarters. Be it road connectivity, medical facility or provision of drinking water facility, the villagers have access to none.

Located hardly 13kms away from the district headquarters, there is no proper road connectivity to the village, adding to their woes is the absence of health facilities. The villagers either depends upon traditional medicines or carry the patient to the nearest hospital on their own. 500 families are living there in extreme dicey and abysmal conditions.

The village remains disconnected from the main town for about 3-4 four months during winters due to dilapidated road conditions which further add to the plight of already deprived people.

The villagers tried helping themselves when no help from the Government was served, they had dug a tube well for themselves. They are still waiting for the authorities to wake from their deep slumber and to change their apathetic attitude towards these poor villagers.

This young activist Iqbal Masoodi won’t sit back and see the Government do nothing. But he, himself has taken charge for his people to take care of them in all the circumstances and situations and help them to whatever extent he can. And this exactly should be the motivation for all of us no matter what our circumstances are, to get up, face up and never give up.

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