It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen!

Meet adolescent internet jockey, social activist from Kashmir valley. Hailing from Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir Social activist Peer Irfan ul haq made it to few top Instagram pages from valley.

Despite internet curbs peer is set to host events on his speak Kashmir page where he verbalizes about different gregarious issues like drug addiction, Rise of Acid attacks unemployment, penuriousness, extravagance in appeasements, domestic violence, moral edification etc.

People of Kashmir dote his voice and like way of verbalizing. Youth of Kashmir are plenary of aptitude we must promote their talent. Irfan has commenced speak Kashmir page to promote aptitude of Kashmir and to edify people about different gregarious issues which we are facing in our society.

He requests all the parents benevolently give moral inculcation to your children’s he had done civil engineering.

Alhamdullilah he has promoted different artists of Kashmir and in future he will perpetuate promote artists of Kashmir. In future he is going to commence book donations so that we can avail those students who cannot purchase books from market.

He requests all those people who have books which are not in utilization benevolently donate those books so that we can avail needy people We are facing many challenges in our society like domestic violence, Rise of Acid attacks, drug addiction, etc.

We must stand against this. People in Kashmir are spending astronomically immense magnitude of mazuma on appeasements due to which they make the life of poor people hell.

We should transmute our mentality. Our appeasements should be simple. We should not promote customs. Together we can transmute our mentality and develop our society.

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