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In the FMCG world | Patricia Ansong

'Feet on the street' is a healthy activity not to burn some calories only, but an opportunity for customers to see the 'business' visiting them.

Our Daily Sales Reps as part of their JDs visit outlets daily but the main reason is to fill the empty shelf.

To build solid connections that foster loyalty, leading to cross-sells, up-sells, and renewals or repeat purchases for predictable revenue, these Sales reps are expected to:

  • Act as trusted advisers to customers,

  • Helping them solve complicated problems and

  • Address their needs.

So yes, reps are increasingly acting as more than just transactional salespeople.

Facing uncertainty, have you realised that sales leaders are looking for revenue they can rely on daily thus, chasing the numbers more often than chasing the bond between the customer and the business?

This is like asking for strawberries to grow from coconut trees.

Leaders, when Salesmen CREATE customer relationships, we need to define and invest in SUSTAINING this relationship. It's also part of the company’s asset that ought to be protected.

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