Imaginativeness and inventiveness have no leaps and limits and has no age bar!

Imaginativeness and inventiveness have no leaps and limits and has no age bar. To keep the imaginative ambition intact, all you need is a pen and paper, jot down the ideas and give rise to them to live. Agree or not, but jotting down your emotions and excitement is a niche category that has its charisma like no other.

“What you feel is what you write. There is no better feeling than expressing your thoughts through writing”, says Rutba Binti Hilal. She is a grade 11 medical student hailing from the Drangbal area in Baramulla, Kashmir. Besides her studies, she adores depicting and playing with words.

The creative girl acknowledges that a paper has got more tolerance than people. For any mood, a paper or a diary is always there. Articulating her thoughts as raw as they can be, Rutba considers writing to express her enthusiasm, love, melancholy and state of anxiety through words.

In such a young age She has been the Salute Award Awardee, Budding Artist Awardee, Super7 Competition Finalist (Which is a national Poetry platform), She has Worked many Compilation projects, Which includes State level, National and international anthologies.

Be it any genre or any kind of writing like poems, paragraphs, essays, articles, sonnets or blogs, the writer has truly personified what it feels to bring deep thoughts to reality. Bleeding ink on paper since grade 9, Rutba Binti Hilal has revamped her hobby into a fascination and profession.

Just like nature, she feels that words can bring smoothness to the psyche and the soul. “Writing for me is natural and effortless that any layman can resonate with their situation”, she added. With the capability to woo your heart and leave you in tears with her writing pieces, she surely knows how to bring an impact on the mind of the readers.

At a very young age, Rutba has been the co-author of more than 60+ books. After working in several anthologies, the writer decided to publish her anthology book named ‘Dawning Dusks. Apart from this, she has been a compiler of three other books named ‘The Alluring Bond’, ‘Ravaged Souls’ and ‘Abused Ink’.

She is the author behind the book "Weeping in the visions" and currently she is working on her Another Debut book Titled as "Pensick".

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