I didn't know a sad bumpy path was leading me to discover a hidden treasure...

Some paths in life might be bumpy but, those bumpy paths sometimes lead to great destinations

Looking back at when I was about entering the University and looking at my life today, I can confidently say that I am extremely grateful for where I am and how things played out regardless of the heartache and tears it caused me.

While I was still in Secondary School, I had to decide what I wanted to study when I get to the University. I couldn't really think of something 'I loved' so, I went along with the crowd and the advice family and friends gave to me – Study Law.

I made a hasty decision to study Law despite not having any sort of love or connection to it, besides, it's not like I had any idea of other courses to study in the university. I knew there were courses like; Public Administration, Archeology and so forth but, I didn't know what they were all about. The only thing I knew was Law and the idea I had about it was; Lawyers help clients win cases in court and being a Lawyer is very reputable.

Fast forward to the Final Year of Secondary School before going off to the University, we wrote two main examinations that determined our placements at the University of our choice. Students are given a form to fill out, the two main fields in the Form that was the most crucial for every student were; 'Preferred Course of Study' and 'Preferred Institution'.

At that moment the most crucial field for me was 'The preferred Course of Study. Even though I had made a final decision to study Law, a part of me wasn't fully convinced that it was what I wanted to do as a profession so, I left the 'Preferred Course of Study' field empty for weeks.

It was almost hitting the deadline date for registration when I finally filled out the form and selected Law as my 'Preferred Course of Study. After filling out the form and submitting it, I expected to feel ecstatic about the next phase of my life but instead, I felt 'unsure' about my decision.

I finally wrote the placement examinations and although I wasn't the best, I performed well in both exams, I had a decent result that could get me the course I had chosen – Law. I was on my way to being one of the most successful lawyers that has ever walked the planet earth – so I imagined.

The admission list finally came out and, I was offered admission! But, my 3 seconds of joy faded abruptly when I looked over at the 'Course Offered' and saw that I was admitted not into the Faculty of Law but, the Department of Religion and Philosophy with a major in Islamic Studies.

I panicked, I had no idea that there was a course like that in the University, what do people even do with an Islamic Studies degree? I had no answer to the million questions running through my head. I became very scared and I wasn't sure I should accept the admission. Nevertheless, I accepted, I was advised to accept the admission and apply for a 'Change of Course'. I became hopeful again, maybe I'll still get into Law.

I got to the University and began every approach possible to change my course to Law. It became more difficult and impossible every step of the way. I cried a bunch. My HOD decided to change my course to Religious Studies, he felt it would be more enjoyable than the initial Islamic Studies but, to me there was no difference.

After months went by, it dawned on me and I had to face reality – my course wasn't going to be changed. My parents and I started making other plans and ended up deciding that I would write the University Entrance Examination again and apply to a different University. I had to wait for the next batch of Final Year Secondary School Students to write the entrance examination because registration for that year had closed.

To while away time, my parents asked me to attend the University and proceed with Religious Studies. There's no denying that it is an interesting course but 'when the heart and soul is not into something, it doesn't strike the chord like it should'.

At that point, it was certain that I was going to reapply to another University, so I decided to listen to that part of me that was unsure about applying to Law in the first place. I began doing some research and made good use of the knowledge I gathered on campus about other courses, to help aid me in choosing a course that was befitting for me.

My research made me realize that Law didn't really resonate with me, Mass Communication did – I love Writing and want to work in the Film Industry. Then, I made a decision to apply for Mass Communication instead of Law, all parts of me felt sure about this decision.

Although I got in, getting admission into Mass Communication was also quite a bumpy ride. My mates are now two years ahead of me in class, but in the end, the entire journey was worth it. Now I'm studying Mass Communication in the University and I get to learn about what I can resonate with – Writing and Film. Currently, I'm working towards being an established writer by merging together what I learn in school and outside school. I have had a fascinating Writing journey and I cannot imagine another profession more suitable for me, it's where I'm meant to be.

This particular bumpy path led me to embrace a gift I didn't pay any attention to – Writing. I am a Writer and it took a very sad bumpy ride for me to appreciate it and put my skills to use.

You never know where a bumpy path is leading you to in life, yours could be greater than 'embracing a talent'. Bumpy paths do not mean the universe is against you or you're being punished for your sins, it's just a hurdle that you will need to scale before getting into the promised land.

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