How to Dig up Pernicious COVID 19 in Laboratory.

The Deadly virus can be descry in Laboratory by different techniques, such as

  1. RT-PCR


As we normally know Corona virus affects the upper nasal cavity. So sample should be collected from Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal for PCR technique. As we know the characteristic feature of viruses is that it contain genetic materials either DNA or RNA not both. Those which contains RNA are also Called as Retroviruses. Coronavirus is a SS RNA virus.

PCR(Polymerase chain reaction) is a tech to amplify double-stranded DNA. it means when you have Ds DNA, you take one copy of DNA, you can get a thousand copies of DNA by using this tech. It called the amplification method.

Firstly we need to know the sequence of the RNA in coronavirus. Nowadays, the sequence is already known as the chain has already provided us the sequence of coronavirus. In PCR, this specific sequence should be amplified. Reverse transcriptase enzyme is used to convert RNA into DNA because PCR amplifies only DNA copies, so this process we called RT PCR.

The first very copy known as complementary DNA (C DNA) should be amplified using primers. It also acts as a template to make DNA copies which are known as double-stranded complementary DNA(ds C DNA). Then we can simply amplify this DNA product using PCR.

The fluorescent dye is used to give the colour and it will bind with DNA to emit a fluorescence that can be measured. It can be descried Significantly in the amplification process, we can see more emission of fluorescence. It is a cyclic process for 1-2 hours.

If we can see increasing above process, it means our target RNA reagent is being amplified. It indicates the person’s swab that will contain the viral RNA. If there is no change in the fluorescence after 1-2 hours, that means, the test is negative.

This type of technique is highly sensitive and can deliver a decent diagnosis as fast as three hours, RT-PCR has a lower potential for contamination as the whole process can be done within a closed tube. It continues to be the most accurate method available for dig up the coronavirus.

Rapid Blood Test descry whether you are affected with the pathogen ahead or you are presently infected. Blood Sample is taken via Capillary Method. This test is easy and takes few minutes to give result.(at least 10-15 minutes).Whenever any pathogen enters into the body. Body will produce antibodies against the Pathogen to protect himself. As we know it is the property of Antigen .

This test descry whether you have been infected with the virus earlier or you are currently infected. It is said that Antibodies are specific to a particular virus in the body. Abs of Coronavirus are SARS CoV1 or SARS CoV 2 type. They will take a similar type of viruses.As the Ab type production is similar. Two Abs such as IgM and IgG.

1. IgM-Primary immune response Ab.

2. IgG-Ab which is produced for the second time when the body gets infected .

As we know Castles are coated as IgM and IgG. When there is more IgM, it means, Body have been infected with the virus for the Initial time. When there is more IgG, that means, you have been infected with the virus in a couple of times.

Procedure for Rapid Blood Test

  • Collect at least 10 microliters of blood from a fingerpick.

  • And add the blood drop at the sample site of the cassette.

  • Add buffer solution in the sample site of Cassette. Wait at least 10 min and check the readings.

  • If the C band is not developed, results should be rejected and repeat the test.

  • Finally See the results whether the person have been infected or not.

  • This method is not accurate as RT-PCR is as it shows fails results.

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