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Life is all about living and loving. When you are full of love, that simply implies you are living your best life. To live a happy and successful life, you must be confident, open and loving, you have to create positive vibes within and around; happiness and success will surely come along then.

My life journey till now have been full of ups and downs and it is worth inspiring. I have seen love and hatred both growing around simultaneously but I have never let that affect my charisma of life.

There is this important thing about me which I love the most – “Wherever I go, I become the most lovable one by chance. I never have to put any extra efforts for people to love me, they just love me.” And all of this happens because I lead a purposeful life with passion and with that beautiful smile on my face. SPREAD POSITIVE VIBES AROUND – That’s the motto I live with. I never let anyone or anything affect my mental health. And all of this was not in-built into me by birth; the incidents of life did this to me.

Earlier, I also used to be like why God, why always me. But when I saw positive changes in me because of these incidents happening, I started believing in – “Whatever happens, always happens for the good.”

Let me start with a funny tragic life story of me – When I was born, I was the fifth girl in my joint family and the second daughter to my parents. Obviously, everyone was not happy back then in 1995 as they were expecting a boy (Indian Society). But then, I also have the sweetest family, they accepted me and welcomed me with warmth and love (After growing up, this incident was enough for me to believe in whatever happens, happens for good).

I also have a little brother now. So, we are 3 siblings – Elder sister, me and a younger brother and I am the most lovable one (The one whom they don’t wanted is the most lovable, so yeah life is unpredictable).

When I was 7-8 years old, my parents went on a 15 days’ vacation with my brother and sister but not me (because I was a little clingy back then) but this left a huge impact on me which I have never shared with anyone. I was infuriated and that’s when I decided that I’ll prove that I am the best daughter anyone could ever have. And that I have proved with love, care, genuineness, kindness, and everything. I love them the most and they love me the most.

I could have used that incident in a negative way also and could have started hating my parents that they don’t love me, but I did the other way around. I started loving them more and now they love me the most. So yes, you can win the world with love and kindness.

I was a scholar student. My parents always used to be proud of me. I was disciplined, hardworking, passionate, active and always on the top. And then I chose to do CA after high school. The professional course with no college, no fun, just studying in isolation. But the reason I still chose this was when I brought this up in front of my dad, his eyes shone with happiness, and I decided to change that happiness into pride.

Let’s start with my CA journey. I find this journey the best and the most motivating part of my life. It includes success, failures, happiness, sadness, every emotion. Let me tell you this in a little detail –

First Exam – Clear in first attempt

Second Exam – Group 1 – Clear in first attempt

Group 2 – Fail

Group 2 again – Clear in second attempt

Final Exam – Both groups – Fail

Second Group again – Clear in second attempt

First group again – Fail

First group again – Fail

First group again – Fail

First group again – Fail

First group again – Clear in Sixth attempt

Yes, a scholar student took 6 attempts, i.e., 3 years to complete her final group. That was a very pathetic feeling to feel. I was broke, shattered, weak and damaged. The journey was not easy. It was full of sleepless nights, tears flowing down, anxiety, depression and on the top of that, you must focus on your studies and keep all of this aside. This was hard, very hard. But the thing that kept me motivated throughout was my family. I am the most favourite daughter and the most favourite sister, and I have earned that. My family was my strength, is my strength and will always be.

My life journey till now is full of interesting life learning incidents and this one I found worth the share for now as it will surely motivate a lot of you to never give up and to always stick with what you think is right.

The first time when I failed in my life was November 2013. That one failure changed my whole perspective towards life. I was demotivated. I was embarrassed to even face my parents. The only thing that crossed my mind was that no one will love me now because I am a failure.

But then my parents came up to me, gave me a glass of water and said, “No Problem, this is not the last chance, you have many opportunities in front of you and we believe that you will do wonders in your life, and we are proud of you and will always be.”

Tears were flowing down my eyes, and I still didn’t have that courage to face them. I wanted to be alone, and my parents gave me my own space. They were always okay with me giving up on CA and choosing another career option. The only thing they wanted is I should be happy, nothing else. They never forced upon any decision on any of us and always respected our decision.

And this happened every time I failed. These used to be their words, always. They always used to say that “we know our daughter have worked so hard and she has never given up. She has never lost her positive attitude, and this is her strength.” With such parents by the side, I believe I can cross any hurdle with ease. Despite of so many failures (being a scholar) and despite of being depressed after every failure, I never thought of giving up on CA.

I started questioning God that why me, what wrong I have done to people, why always me. But I realised it very late that whatever happens, happens for good. Its always in your hands, either you take it, or you leave it. Giving up is easy but sticking to a thing and working hard to achieve that, is what makes us strong.

Always remember, God gives challenges only to those who he knows can face that with ease. I proudly say that I am God’s favourite because I have never got anything served in a silver plate. I worked hard even to earn that plate, and this is what life is all about.

CA was not only my dream, but it was also my passion, my love, my everything. I made it my identity and that’s where I got the strength to never give up on it. I wanted to see that pride in my father’s eyes. Today he proudly says to everyone that CA Sanchi Gupta is my daughter. Story doesn’t end here. You have to prove yourself at every stage of life. And I took every hurdle as an opportunity to prove myself.

Just when I became CA, COVID came, lockdown happened, no jobs, no interviews. I got a job in a mediocre firm which was not supporting WFH so had to quit. Interviewed in my dream firm – EY but position got cancelled due to COVID.

How would you feel when you earned the title after working so hard and suddenly you see that getting wasted because you are jobless for months now?




Yes, I felt the same.

Sleepless nights, depression, loneliness, anxiety.

And then FOOD came to the rescue.

Yes, you heard it right, FOOD.

I was always a foodie, so I thought why not make it your passion and utilize your time in something productive. I started food blogging and it went fantastic. Better than I expected. Loved by many and now I am a team of more than 3K followers in a year.

Being jobless really haunted me but there was no point being sad and crying for it. Grab the opportunity and make new passions every passing day. And when you are happy God opens doors to all the happiness in the world.

After waiting of months, got a contractual role in EY GDS (My dream firm). Worked there for 6 months but again there was something else in my destiny. Didn’t got the permanent role and again jobless. Lost all the hopes. Felt like why I always have to prove myself always (despite of working so hard).

But then I stood up because the only way to open paths to success was to be happy and positive. God will only help you when you will be happy for yourself, when you will love yourself. And after not so long wait, I got recruited in BDO RISE, which is also a US based auditing firm. Not so huge like EY but nothing is small or less. Here, people are much better, more co-operative, more friendly. I have much opportunity to grow here. What else do we need?

These positive vibes about this firm again made me believe that “Whatever happens, happens for good.”

Never lose your shine.

Never lose your smile.

Always stay positive.

Stay Strong.

God has given you one life, its your time to give a meaning to it.

No matter how hard situation is, always smile.

Always help others.

Always love.

Our smile is our biggest strength. So just keep smiling and you’ll pass all the hurdles with a blink. Read motivational books, stories, watch comedy shows, listen to music, spend time with your loved ones.

Hard times are just temporary. So, enjoy that with a smile and tell it – “Oh! You are going to hit me hard. C’mon hit me, I am unbreakable and unshakable.” And then see, things will be lot easier.

Life will be easier.

Give meaning to your life.


CA Sanchi Gupta


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