Get Going with Grand Vision...

The aimless and meaningless life falls prey to trouble and disturbances easily and more permanently. Such life then provides a downward route, morality gets on foot and begins to sink, which then leads to actions that cause a lot of pain to humankind. A man who has reached his lofty dreams is the direct result of his grand thinking.

How about the stupidity of a purposeless man who laments and holds others accountable for his adverse circumstances. Though circumstances spring only from the vision one gets going with or simply put, circumstances have it's origin in the thoughts one nourishes.

It will never be wrong to say that a man is wrapped with adverse circumstances only because he made them so. And similarly, it becomes his responsibility alone to alter the tough situations. Holy Quran also recorded in chapter 13, verse 11 that:- "Verily never will Allah change the condition of people until they change what is in themselves."

If a man with a grand vision sets his heart on lofty dreams for legitimate purpose, then for their accomplishment he has to design his mind well and lift up his thinking higher and higher to the skies. As to achieve something high, great sacrifice is required. Genuinely, the universe holds that in higher regards and favours it wholeheartedly.

Same is noted in Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist" that 'when you truly want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.' What I want to impress is that if a man desires something & keeps on going to make it his, he will reach to it's attainment like a sun that swallows the darkness and reaches to it's highest point.

We highly owe to those visionary men who made the world beautiful and interesting. The obvious gifts of ideas we get from them are worthy of admiration. Their assistance in l improvement of over all living is commendable. Such visionary dreamers are still making their presence up into the heavens. The world obviously can't let their ideas fade away and perish into nowhere. If you are nursing a great vision in the depth of your heart, never get sad, don't give up, don't lose your heart. If far, but the day will come when the world will realize it, admire it and hold it for you.

Our beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) cherished and nourished a great vision of new and perfect world. The world of overall development, be it spiritual world, economic world, social and political world. At the end our Beloved Prophet revealed it successfully.

Edison cherished a vision to illuminate the world of darkness and finally with countless efforts discovered it. Newton cherished a vision to open the eyes of the world towards the force and energy this universe have in possession, he entered into it and finally came up with the ideas and laws the world would never forget.

The fertile soil holds in compassion the seed of a poplar tree, provides nutrition and feeds it sympathetically. And a day comes when it resists the harsh sun, wins the battle and provides relief to millions. Similarly, waiting is the seed of poplar in the heart of a visionary man to provide shade to millions.

The present circumstances might not be in your taste but never lose your heart, summer always whirls round the cruel autumn and embraces the naked world in the mantle of charm and pleasure. You are holding on your shoulders a gigantic responsibility to remold and make far-reaching legitimate changes in the world you live in. Embrace things & hustle to make it more peaceful and trouble free for the people living in it.

You need to cherish a grand vision, nourish lofty dreams and remain true with them in every circumstance. Then every single word that leaves your tongue will be treated as a pearl, people in warmth will hold them deep in their hearts as life lessons and your every step will be followed by millions and after retiring from this world you will be leaving a legacy behind.

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