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From Doubt to Discovery – Crafting Experiences and Embracing the Process | Srinithi Natarajan

Embarking on a journey to create something meaningful requires more than just determination; it demands a passion that burns deep within. For me, that passion has always been to foster a culture of mental health, and this fervour has driven me to establish my own company, Astra Kriya Wellbeing.

As a psychologist, the path from student to professional was a challenging transition, filled with uncertainties and self-discovery. This is not just a success story; it's a tale of an ongoing process, a narrative I'm living in the present tense. The shift from being a structured student to a navigating professional was akin to stepping into a vast uncharted territory.

As a student, I had the comforting embrace of well-defined routines and a clear map to follow. However, in the professional world, I found myself without the familiar compass, left to explore the intricacies of the field on my own. The transition was demanding, pushing me to expand my boundaries and embrace the ambiguity that comes with charting a new course. Adding to the challenge was the perception of being young in an industry that often equates age with experience.

I encountered the term "assistant" more times than I could count, a label that belied the depth of my knowledge and the intensity of my commitment. Yet, this perception only fuelled my determination. It became a catalyst, reminding me that every pioneer faces skepticism, but it's the journey that defines their trajectory, not the labels they carry. And so, Astra Kriya Wellbeing is born - not as a culmination of success, but as a testament to my dedication and the courage to undertake a journey filled with uncertainties.

The process is ongoing, and the present tense narrative is a reflection of the truth that seldom finds its way into stories. Nervousness and excitement intertwine, creating a concoction of emotions that mirrors the unpredictability of entrepreneurship. The thrill of pushing my vision forward feels like a comforting embrace, reassuring me that I'm on the right path.

Throughout this venture, one crucial lesson has emerged: this journey is mine and mine alone. In the beginning, I found myself burdened with the weight of proving myself, constantly seeking external validation and making decisions based on the opinions of others. However, as time passed and layers of external expectations were peeled away, I uncovered a newfound freedom.

The relief that accompanies the act of doing something for oneself is liberating, reminding me that the heart of this endeavour beats to the rhythm of my dreams. Establishing Astra Kriya Wellbeing is a monumental step, one that isn't taken lightly. It's a leap of faith into uncharted waters, guided solely by my vision.

No, this isn't just a business venture; it's a testament to personal growth, resilience, and the power of embracing the unknown. The future may hold challenges, victories, and unexpected twists, but no matter the outcome, this step will forever be etched in my journey. In a world often preoccupied with showcasing only the triumphant moments, it's essential to recognize the beauty in the process, in the struggles, and in the choices that mold our stories.

The journey of Astra Kriya Wellbeing is far from over; it's a continuous narrative that evolves with each decision, each challenge, and each triumph. And as I stand at the helm of this enterprise, I am reminded that the only compass I need is the one that aligns with my passion, my dreams, and my unyielding commitment to fostering a culture of mental health.

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Excellent. May your new venture flourish and may your chase your dreams. Good luck. All the best.

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