Finding my way to my true calling has been adventurous and thrill-seeking journey of my life

Updated: Jun 28

From a software professional to a home maker to an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach has been the pinnacle of my life. I couldn’t find myself as to what I wanted to become at an early age. But now my mind and heart have finally settled down to my love and passion for Nutrition and Fitness. More than commercialising programs and meal plans to people, my main intention is to get people healthier, energetic and disease free.

All this that too naturally and in a sustainable way. By loving what you’re doing shows its results in the best way. “Be better than you used to be” is my motto and tagline. I always get a feeling that I was born for this and that I was the chosen one “A Warrior Health coach”. This is the kind of love one should feel after the self-discovery journey, whatever be the age.

Primarily, the biggest changes I saw in myself is when I started loving and respecting myself and that was a transformation for myself. Earlier the mind was distracted, cluttered and not focused. Was wondering how to get out of my comfort zone? Because once you’re a home maker you become comfortable in that area of family being around and only doing things for them and stop doing things for yourself, even looking after yourself.

Kitchen becomes your office. So I made use of this kitchen office through my knowledge of Nutrition to get the best of the world I was living in. I did not want to do it as a hobby or a duty anymore. Tried making creative ideas like fitness routines and quirky videos on Recipes and nutritional information (social media – AharShakti). Creating fun, especially in my fitness routines. I started enjoying them even more leading to passion and love for fitness and Nutrition even more dense!

Why did I become a health coach? I’m actually from a software background always working in the corporate field till late hours, but was always conscious about my health, always thinking what I was doing was right and the healthy way. Little did I know that even the smallest of mistake can take a toll on your health.

I lost my mom and dad, especially my mom due to her severe diabetes that led to other health issues like renal failure, tuberculosis, retinal and heart disfunction, high blood pressure. It just kept getting worse day by day and I couldn’t do anything to help her till I actually lost her one day.

Similarly, I saw others in my family suffering from ailments that got me curious as to what’s happening to the healthiest of people I knew. When I started reading about Nutrition, I got blown away with what I was learning, so then I enrolled myself in various Nutrition schools and learnt a lot more. Simultaneously I started practising and implementing what I had learnt in the few years of schooling.

I saw miraculous changes in people’s health and condition after following the guidance given by me. That’s when I knew I was made for Health coaching. Good, natural and healthy Food is actually powerful in healing people in the right way, that’s why I called my health coaching service AharShakti – the power of Food! This is Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Ankush Bhatia from AharShakti here.

I specialise in Plant based nutrition, because this is actually the mother of all diets. I’ve been noticing good differences in peoples health after following the plant based nutrition. Not only does it improve your physical health but heals your mind wonderfully! If you feel you need any help to improve your health and that health is really your priority, feel free to contact me.

You can also view and understand more about AharShakti through my website Just remember a happy, healthy and peaceful body, mind and soul will create a healthier planet. Working on oneself eventually helps everyone else around you. You drive that positive energy or aura around you. Yes, being disciplined and having a schedule helps in many ways. And being spontaneous in between creates a boost to your energy and spirit. Shying away from things and people, judging yourself before others judge you is your worse nemesis.

In my life if I am able to give to everyone the magic bean of health, I would be reaching the sky or the stars. My dream to become India’s most inspirational Nutritionist and create a ripple effect of Great health and happiness is right there sitting in front of me. I’m climbing several mountains and swimming the oceans to get there. But I’m loving this journey as the joy and satisfaction it gives me at the end is simply remarkable!

So I want to end my note of inspiration by saying “Be better than you used to be”, which is also my tagline. Do get in touch with me if you’re interested in knowing more about the beauty of Health and fitness. Thank you for hearing me out and taking out time to connect with the coach already in her journey of being a creative and unique entrepreneur! As many more exciting things are in the pipeline of AharShakti! So keep watching my space!

by Ankush Bhatia

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