Dreams give direction to our life!

Dreams give direction to our life. We spent a lot of time wandering here and there and figuring out what we want. Yes, it's tough to live without clarity. You know what is worse when you have clarity about what you want and yet you never tried and you end up with the regret of not trying.

Universe gave you a dream. You have a purpose in your life. Your eyes shine when you talk about your dream. You are always excited about that one thing you love. You have clarity about your priority. You know that you are the perfect fit for your dream.

What's stopping you from taking action?

What's the point of procrastinating?

Why not now?

You know what you love then why are you not taking action?

What are you waiting for - perfect opportunities? Right time? Better circumstances? Supportive friends or parents?

There is nothing called perfect time. You need to start now to make things work for you.

Suppose you are trying to solve a puzzle and you are just sitting there and watching the pieces of the puzzle. You are trying to figure out the perfect place for every piece. You believe that you can only start once you can find the exact place for every piece.

How much time is it going to take?

You know that you can never solve a puzzle just by sitting there. You need to start.

Similarly in life, you need to start by taking action. Eventually, all the pieces will fall into place.

You need to trust your actions. We all are aware of the power of thoughts. If you are taking action but you are deep down thinking that you are not going to be successful then trust me you are not.

It's understandable to have self-doubt as a beginner. Don't be the prisoner of your negative thoughts. You can be the best in your profession but, if you don't have confidence then you can never deliver your best work.

Nowadays we are consuming endless content on social media. Daily so many things are making an impact on our minds. Some things make us confused. Some things challenge our beliefs. In these types of circumstances, you need to be aware of your thoughts, know your beliefs, monitor your thoughts.

Ask yourself questions like -

Why am I thinking I can't do this?

What am I lacking?

Why am I thinking negatively?

When you are unaware of your negative thoughts then you are giving charge of your life to unwanted and negative thoughts. Monitoring your thoughts is not a complicated thing to do. You just need awareness for this. Be aware of the things you are consuming on social media. Be aware of the pages you are following.

Check what kind of people you are listening to. Know your friend circle and surround yourself with optimistic people. Whenever you find yourself thinking useless things. Stop yourself from thinking. Find the root cause of your negative and unwanted thoughts. Ask questions. Replace them.

You need to ask questions and replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts. If you just keep on thinking about them and keep on thinking about why you are thinking that way, then you can never move on from negative thoughts. It is OK to give them time and think about them. You have to do it in moderation.

Trust yourself and take action. Why are you trying to predetermine every step of your life's journey? Life is fun with adversities and surprises. It's OK to start without a perfect plan.

You are the one who is writing your life story. You are the one who is going to decide every single thing. The best part is that you can change your story so if you are not happy with your current life story then you can just turn the page and start writing again.

There are times when we feel helpless because of adversities. Time never stays still. Some moments will be happy some will be sad and disappointing. You can just take your time and start again when something goes wrong.

Adversities failures hurdles are there to teach you important life lessons. You can never learn important lessons if you are just sitting on the couch and reading books and doing nothing. You need to take action to implement knowledge and move forward.

Adversities are important when they are real. When you think that you can do 15 tasks in a day and then you fail and then you get disappointed and blame yourself because of unrealistic and stupid expectations.

Unrealistic expectations from ourselves and also from others are often the reason for our disappointment. Be your best friend, appreciate yourself instead of criticizing yourself. Try your best every day to become the better version of yourself.

Overnight success is a myth. You need to trust yourself. You have the will to succeed. You have clarity. You are capable. You are enough. You can. Focus on your actions and just start.

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