Don't lose hope...

No matter how much pain and embarrassment you feel, no matter how frustrated and

depressed you are, and no matter how much you hate your life, don’t give up hope that it

will get better.

Never give up hope that you will change for the better and completely erase the idea of

helplessness and tiredness from your mind! Try to change for the better, the door of trial is

open for you. Don’t be afraid of failure - failure is the beginning of success.

Failure is one of the main reasons that lead you to success. Success is possible only with

action, the most important of which is failure. As King Salman bin Abdul Aziz said, "Do not

rush for success, but strive for it step by step.

When you fail, make sure you learn from your failures so that you can pass them and avoid

them next time.The most important thing is not to lose hope in God, to be faithful to Him, and not to be determined and strive to achieve your goal. Change starts with an idea and then turns into

the goal you are striving for.

Sincerity, determination and hope for the best are the keys to success, and if these qualities

are shaken in you, your goal will gradually fade away, so never forget to develop it and try to

develop it. Will not do it.

Believe in yourself that you are capable of achieving your goal, when you hesitate in yourself

that you succeed in achieving your goal, your unconscious mind will start believing in reality

that you will achieve your goal, and your level of self-confidence will increase, which is one

of the most important qualities that an individual should have.

Take advantage of the opportunities one by one, and don’t let the opportunities get in the

way. Take advantage of every opportunity you have, even if they have little success,

because you don’t know it is possible.

Try to build a ladder that will lead you to success. Whenever you fail, your ladder rises to the

point where you go up until you reach the goal.

Develop your strengths, study your weaknesses and your strengths, read in your spare time,

pursue your hobbies, don’t waste time, and start developing follow-up plans to achieve your

goal. Don’t let others paint you for your future, because this is your life and you deserve to

be the best.

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