Cricket cures societal ills!

Cricket, an odd game, passionately followed by half the world and not the rest, has immense potential to cure societal ills. It has been able to transcend race, color, religion, wealth and even education.

Such is the power of this beautiful game that it has been able to integrate large countries and small ones. In diverse countries, it made regions and religions irrelevant. It created modern Gods in cultures replete with old ones and it gave struggling populations hope and perhaps a reason to live.

Sport was least likely to integrate but cricket bucked the trend. It integrated everything including countries, religions and physical proportions. As the short batters battled the tall pace bowlers, it was clear that it is not how tall or large one was, it was talent.

On the cricket ground, it was talent that was important and not country of origin, colour of the skin or religion. As the batters walked back to the pavilion before the umpire had a chance to assert a decision, it appeared weird for those who want to win at any cost.

Life is short with a horizon that cannot be breeched, and, in that context, it is important to ask the utility of winning at any cost.

Cricket is not sport; it is a culture. It is a powerful notion. As the black, brown and white battle, it gives glimpses of an advanced society.

As the Muslims, Hindus and Christians play in one team with passion, it gives glimpses of an advanced society.

Cricket, perhaps the last hope of humanity for integration, seems to thrive.

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