Chase the art, chase the passion, don't chase the money...

My name is Sherrin Varghese. I am a senior musician, actor, I've been in the industry for 20+ years, I’ve been part of the band "BAND OF BOYS" and i have a solo career as well, I've done television lead roles as well as actions , one of my first performances was in a commercial of Sony entertainment, i was doing rock bands then i was pretty much part of "The Bombay rock scene".

I started music from school, church and all that was initial ground after which i was part of theatre for a while and then we found BAND OF BOYS, Gulam Mustafa khan Saab and Qadri brother were the ones teaching us, Hari brother was the one who was mentoring us musically, and after that 3 to 4 years later I started learning from a gentleman, "Upendra Verma", and i feel very fortunate that I am a part of the studio called THE CIRCUIT, where i create audio-video content quiet regularly.

I have a live stream special studio where i had great fortune of the likes of, Sonu Nigam, Vishal Dadlani and almost everybody who has a pure diplomacy to perform at the studio for their virtual audiences and their virtual shows. Primarily i moved up in the last two years, I've been streaming before the pandemic, so during the pandemic it became quiet natural for me to submit myself to my industry, my clan and now we've reached a comfortable position where we do virtual conferences, virtual shows.

And general audio video artists come to us who would like to shoot performances. I have been quite lucky because of the studio because it helped me carry through during very crucial time but the offline shows which requires travel and perform for audiences around the world that kind of drove downed due to covid restrictions. And fortunately i was able to put my energy into the studio which does basically what eventually turn to like virtual performances.

I felt lucky because it wasn't the design i had intended and it turned out better that way, i look up to Shashi Kapoor, Vishal dadlani, Sonu Nigam, there are several gods in my book and they all individually stick to their role and character, i look up to Charlie Chaplin as an actor and will smith – they are somebody that i want to be like as an actor.

My advice is, whatever you do and you're not happy doing it then how much ever you're studying it and how much ever you put your efforts in it, you cannot achieve it, right now i feel very blessed that I am able to enjoy what i do most and it doesn’t feel like work.

It has come to my life only because i followed what i passionately love doing, because when you’re 20 something else happens to you and when your 30 something else happens to you. Fortunately there are aptitude tests nowadays which helps you identify what direction you should go, it doesn’t have to be like hard work when you are 15, you don’t have to be like "I am going to be 30" that isn't the case and you should basically find what interests you that time.

For example today's kids enjoy playing mine craft because when we see the mechanics behind it, it teaches you how to BUILD using materials, it teaches how iron is for a certain constitution and cotton is for different constitution it teaches you strength of materials.

Then if these things interests you then it is bound to helps you understand i enjoy designs like architectural designs, computerised design, NFT designs, when we were born, we were taught about being engineer, doctor, architect and lawyer, there were the bright things and everything else was left out, but now the time is different, you can know that an SSC student can tell what he enjoys doing whereas i had no clue about it during my time.

So my advice to the youth is, really dig inside and find out what you love doing most because when you do something that you love most, you will eventually get good at it. Chase the art, chase the passion, don’t chase the money, if you chase the money, it will never come to you.

There is one experience in my life which is quite pivotal in my life. It was April 15th 1995 and Michael Jackson was in our city performing for a concert and i was a huge music fan specially of MJ and somehow i have to puff out a 1500 rupees for the ticket.

I was 20 and i was in the second year of degree in mechanical engineering so i had no way to make up for it so i sold some tires from and abandoned Maruti van and made 400 rupees and borrowed 500 rupees from my girlfriend and rest of the money was arranged from my mom and somehow i made it for that show, i was excited to go and get this beautiful picture with the lowest ticket and travelled all the way from Malad to Churchgate to buy the A4 sized ticket.

And i got in the show and remembered standing in the audience and experiencing what does 35000 people looks like and i remember those moments when Jackson was supposed to come in his old rocket missile style, and we see Jackson and the whole crowd goes "Screamingly : YAAYYY" at that time there was Guajarati guy in front of me "hey was sup, full paisa wasool, thank you".

So those kind of moment you live for and that is when i decided "This is what i want to do", "This is EXACTLY what i want to do" and that fever did not die down for months and after that every kid found out i stole those tyres and bought tickets for the show, and i became the talk of town, and the van was lying without the tyre and nobody would point me out, it was hilarious and this was the defining moment where the choice between engineering and arts is when i chose arts.

Not about money, it’s what i would love to do and the education system didn't seem passionate at that time around 1999, so that was a very crucial turning around point and its one of those divine intervention like had i not gone to that, maybe i won't have influenced to do that, i feel so lucky that i went to the show and i got to see a great performer.

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