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Breaking The Shackles | Bakshi Mahfooz

Often I realize that I should count myself with other prisoners, yes! I am a prisoner! I'm a favourite inmate of the Invisible yet powerful prison of the world. No one can even dare to murmur about bringing an end to my imprisonment, the punishment that I got as a reward for throwing kindness around like confetti which wasn't allowed.

I wasn't aware of this at all. Now I'm in a dark cell, and fortunately, they left the doors off the latch but still, I can't escape as my legs are tied up with the expectations of the worst and my hands are handcuffed. Totally helpless, the eye-opening fact is that no one can release me, not even the one who put me here. In a nutshell, I'm not physically a prisoner, but mentally, all the discouragement that has been programmed into my mind with one of the programming languages called “Love” and the programmers are my own so-called companions have left me in such a tragic situation.

It is really heartbreaking when you hear your own people speaking against you but behind your back and when they are with you they do not forget a single word to compliment you. Fake friends, fake relatives, fake compliments everything is fake and these are the people who have thrown me into the dark cell I am certain that such kinds of people are those who walk beside you like shadows, who don't leave you, not because they want to be with you but because they want to cease every step that you take forward in your life and surprisingly such people in most of the cases get success in stopping people because their victim would never doubt them as they use such a sweet tongue.

This is why we should never ever believe in a sweet tongue, as we know there is no difference between sugar and salt unless and until you taste it similarly there is no difference between a best friend and an enemy until you taste its betrayal. I have mentioned those who put me into prison now for your kind information I am not in a prison which is made up of concrete material but I'm in a prison made up of Hate, Betrayal, Dishonesty, Jealousy, Backbiting, Discouragement, Unfaithfulness and Ruthlessness. All these qualities found inside my so-called companions mix up and create an Invisible yet powerful prison.

Now whenever I, you know; imagine doing some development for myself I always fear then I forget about development and focus on the unilluminated ways and walk on them elusive for you though but I'm now used to it.

Yes, I am suffering all alone. It's not that I have an ego but the reason why I don't ask for a company or any help from others is something like that: "Expecting someone's help means being mean to yourself. Take this statement as a warning, I am warning you not to expect someone's help because when they require your help. You might stumble while rushing towards them but on the contrary, when you need them, they will either disappear or tell you to wait. I am certain that you can't wait, no it's not that you don't have the patience.

You can wait for them until they come and help you out but you will not wait because I can understand how heartbreaking it is when you hear them saying we are not available right now, it's indeed heart-wrenching, and a thunderclap yet motivational, and a lesson for you that teaches you why you shouldn't expect someone to help you.

It's a motivation when you find yourself helpless and here is how, during your tough times you call your so-called close person, but that person won't help you, and you become helpless. In this situation, you will have no option but to face all the problems all alone, so you stand up and take a step forward then one more step and hence you will get out of the hard times. Yes, being alone, success will not come immediately but steadily and definitely.

Expecting way too much will drag you into trouble and give you heartaches. Expectations always compel you to focus on negative abstractions rather than positive ones. So, you must go and say goodbye to those who happen to hurt you or who avoid helping you and should not seek a prop in others, please never ever expect too much. You must alleviate the expectations and that's what keeps you active and calm. When you support yourself first then the world will support you, but when you keep waiting for someone then the world will even forget about your whereabouts" for that reason I don't seek a prop in others I know it will just increase my punishment and nothing else.

My mother was and is telling me that "Son, Soft is the earth, people crush it under their feet still Vibrant Flowers grows on it and Hard are the mountains despite of their heights they often break and fall then gets buried under the earth" this explains to me that why I'm suffering all of this and what shall I do to overcome after that what shall I do after I overcome. To fight with it I must stay calm and soft like that of the earth's crust. I don't need to be violent, rather I must fight with a positive mindset.

What shall I do after I overcome and become a successful and free individual? The answer to this question is quite simple, and it's like that. I have to stay Down To Earth, and I shall not let anybody get arrested and put into the Invisible prison. In a nutshell, I must not discourage anybody, my words that I speak shall become motivational words for someone out there. There Should be no hate and Jealousy inside me. And most importantly I shall be loyal to everybody and every time.

So all I understood is that Success is a process with no shortcuts. It takes time to come but it can vanish within zero seconds. And the 2nd thing that I learnt is that, Those who discourage others are the ones who are afraid of you and think that you will take their position that's why they keep You and they kept me in this Invisible Prison!

"I got spoiled by love coated poison. I got assassinated by my companion. They were so loving but betrayed me with keen. Damn! We weren't enemies yet they were so mean"
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