Being Inspired to Keep Moving...

Being inspired to keep moving, is not easy when the road of life is full of twists and turns, unexpected delays and detours can frustrate the process of becoming who you were designed to be. The deception of the thoughts and the directions that are inspired by God can confuse you and put your life in the delayed lane.

However, hope is a tool that is given to us by God to help aid the faith you need to keep moving. Hope and Faith work together to give your life a meaningful purpose that your future doesn’t look like your past.

I lost my husband to a tragic murder in front of me and my family that not only sent my life in a chaotic turmoil but the loss of directions, the will to live, love and move forward. With no directions of a future, my faith was doing something risky. The confidence in myself was lost in the pain of shock and my life started spiraling down to get up was a choice I had to decide to not stay where I was left.

I didn’t like myself nor what I had become shattered. So, the struggle hindered the courage I needed to continue and believe in myself and my God to just even love again. My love for myself was defined in my husband who was the one and only man I ever had in my life, so this was difficult.

The hope that keeps me going would only be short-lived overtime when going from tumbling through the trial with year after year my life consist of court proceedings never could listen to keep moving forward because the scandals behind that were used to help free someone from a crime that drove another one to his grave and the other one to isolate themselves from life which was me and my family.

I couldn’t bear to see what was happening to me but a question of “Why is this happening to me?” and this is the question we all ask when terrible things happen to good people, however, I had to learn that a part of living good and terrible things will happen. Also learning that all things are a part of life and the defining of me was the purpose in everything which brought enduring strength to myself and others.

Through the moving of outside inspiration of hope, I could see life in everything and everyone that was giving encouragement and aiding in the complicated process of tragedy that made National News. Reporters were at my home and everywhere in the city seemed to focus on the murderer but not the victims which were me, my family, our church family, and those who were visiting that night. The shame that was upon me pushed me into a closet of pain, disbelief, and discouragement that question would I live again.

Some people may not understand that after tragedies and challenging times anyone can be pushed overboard, so regrouping in your minds is necessary to not lose focus of the purpose you are still here on the earth. I had to do this and not lose hope which could have cause me to feel I had a meaningless life and send me to a place of non-existence.

The pathway for moving forward was cloudy and clear days, just like the weather the storms come, and the storms go I had to change my view of myself and my current situation. My perceptions were the platform that got me moving forward to a place even though I could not see it but a place where I could inspire others.

If I could not reach them around me, I used the tool I had my ability to write, write my thoughts, write my visions, and write my dreams. Keeping a journal each day of the past and prepared to let it go, then moved in my present to walk in who I was discovering. I had to discover myself like Columbus arrived in what is now known as America the land and place was already there but just had to set my sail out to somewhere that was already in existence for me.

It is not enough for someone to tell you that you are beautiful you got to see the beauty in yourself, the strength in you, and the designed purpose in your life to move forward. My focus was on the guidance of God's spirit inside as a small whisper each day kept me encouraged that there will be better days. The days of light at the end of that tunnel were lifted in the move I made to another city and state which brought the inspirational move I needed to continue writing and publish the books that helped me so that I could help others.

When I became an author, my book went everywhere that I couldn’t go and spoke to the reader about hope where I could speak, then seeing hope manifesting in many ways help me to expand. The courage to see the needs of others and know from within your capabilities was the strength I had discovered in me and the platform that I needed to continue to help others in many ways as I helped myself.

I started my own company that gave people hope for their vision and dreams to come alive and gave them the insight to not be stagnated by the things that are happening around them but to understand those things are the making of the greatness in them like it was in me.

So, understand that forward does not mean moving in a particular direction just simply means to have a focus on the hope that is within you and the faith to visualize the platform of your dream then the power within to manifest it through the help and guidance from God.

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