Being a kind person working for mankind...

Here, is the Shah Mohsin, founder of the Adorable faces of Kashmir (AFK).

The name Adorable faces of Kashmir says everything itself. The objective of Shah Mohsin is to upgrade the Kashmir and the aptitude in the Kashmiri’s. Which is somehow lacking behind due to the dearth of the resources and certain platforms.

Everyone is nowadays working for themselves to get prominent and to earn. But he promotes others also to ameliorate their potential.

Mohsin started his journey in 2015 and he encourages every talent of the Kashmir valley.

According to him, one’s motivation leads to the road of the success.Kashmiri’s and Kashmir itself is a gem. Which needs a perfect shape and stage to rise and shine without any fear. Mohsin has such enthusiasm to do so, even if it’s going to take time. As the early success is a scam, great things take time.

The AFK is a family of 43k now. Rising together.

Mohsin is a strong person mentally also and focused towards his grails and has all the support which will lead him to the righteous track. Shah Mohsin is also an event organizer and is planning certain events to promote the talent and recognition among the Kashmiri’s. Which were somehow delayed due to the pandemic and lockdown. But being focused with never ending dreams trying hard to achieve his goals.

Shah Mohsin has organised a grand book launch event for Soliha shabir a well known Author of Kashmir valley for her book “ZOON the heart of habba khatoon”. Which was a grand and successful event.

Shah Mohsin’s objective is to help everyone who are facing problems in following their passion. He is guy with a good heart. He has been recently graduated in Hotel management from Nasik (Maharashtra).

Mohsin himself being busy in studies and career still working hard for the betterment of other, for turning others dreams into the reality. Mohsin along with his team doing great things and everyone is proud of them.

It was his dream to promote the Kashmir and Kashmiri’s talent and was looking for an opportunity and then realising the increase in the use of social media by everybody he thought its the best way to explore and express.

So he started his journey to attain his grails which is reaching to the heights and is being loved and respected by everybody. He is trying to reach each and every corner of the Kashmir valley and introduce their speciality and talent. Shah Mohsin is serving without any greed. And making every talented face like writers, calligraphers, singers, content creators, bloggers and many more visible to world.

“Being a kind person working for mankind.” - Shah Mohsin

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