Be a cause behind the smile for others...

Meet Youngest Noted Social Activist *Yasir Ishaq Wani* who devotes his Teenage for the betterment of society and mankind. He has become a cause behind the smile for others. Yasir hails from Kachan Ganderbal J&K. He Belongs from the Top Bureaucratic family of Ganderbal.

He started his journey of his schooling From one the most famous school in District Ganderbal Namely *New dream land beehama Ganderbal*. He has proven that rendering service doesn't need a pocket with full of coins but a humane heart which can extend a helping hand and become a cause behind the smile for others.

As first I am grateful and thankful to my god for choosing me to serve the nation through his sources. As being a human, I have a unique affection with As being a human, I've a unique affection with my nation and nation's people.

It gives me an immense pleasure to serve my nation. From childhood I get rigid while seeing people sleeping hungry, girls buries alive and many other things.

In my adolescent age, I get peace in serving humanity and I start doing it with my zeal and zest. From every unknown platform to well-known platform, I never stopped my steps in front of hindrance while serving the humanity. With the affection and enthusiasm. I was working with a NGO namely FAITH psycho-social and rehabilitation centre trust Ganderbal to serve the humanity with dignity.

I started making a team who serve humanity only for their self-happiness and peace. From 1 to thousand, we reach to every end where our hands can help humanity. We started with many campaign across the districts. We use our every source for the betterment of needy ones.

I am trying my best to reach every corner of our nation and serve humanity with dignity and to reach to every needy ones. I will always welcome to those person of society who want to serve humanity for his/her self-happiness and peace not for any profit. We have only one motive" serve humanity with dignity.

Also Yasir Ishaq Wani has actively worked for the eradication of drugs from society and imparting education regarding it. He is keenly interested in solving the problems faced by the people of Conflict hit zone J&K in day to day life and keep working on them legally and tries his best to get them solved from the concerned authorities and his work is always appreciated by district administration and Officers including the top Bureaucrats of Ganderbal.

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