Animal Communication, a journey of love and compassion!

I was leaving for the office as I looked at my companion “Millie”. She locked her eyes with mine and her unwavering gaze expressed so much love, it wrung my heart. Her eyes seemed to speak to me from another dimension. I said to my mother, “I feel she is ready.” Her breathing had become heavy. She was my 11 years old furry friend in the form of a dog. On my way back home,

I received a call from my mother, “Millie is no more.”

Next few days were rather difficult for me. I craved to run my hands through her soft fur and for the smell of her dog hood. It all started revealing itself clearly now, the way she had played a major role in my life. “Look how she is constantly staring at you!”, my mom used to say every time I was lost in my own thoughts. Millie used to intensely stare at me as if she was aware and reading each of my thoughts. She was on a mission to help me heal specially during each crisis in my life. She kept me sane by absorbing my thought levels. Attending to her post-surgery partial paralysis, not only kept me busy but also worked like a therapy. She did not want me to admit her in hospital or to put her in any multi-star dog hostel. I knew her feelings and chose not to ignore them. I simply wanted her to be as comfortable as possible.

Though I had accepted her moving on, I would find myself missing her with intermittent sobs. I could not keep myself away from the outpour of love from her and what she had done for me. How can anyone love so unconditionally! It was after this life altering incident that I came across two videos which explored deeper and more unknown aspects of the animal mind. One was a famous video on black leopard “Spirit” by Anna Breytenbach and later a video “Encountering another being” by Dr. Stephan Harding on meeting another being in a deeply intuitive way. Since childhood, I had deeply felt the feelings of animals around me which now got a conscious footing.

Both Anna and Dr. Stephan respected the individuality of an animal than the analytical understanding about animal behavior. They also explored the non-verbal communication between an animal and human which facilitates the understanding of animal’s feelings. I finally felt the sense of “having arrived” as now I could consciously deepen and use my natural abilities to embrace it as a way of life.

It is this basic, universal, and subtle language which is known as “Telepathy.” It is a Greek word, meaning feeling (-pathy) across a distance (tele-). It is different from the more obvious languages of words, behavior, and physical cues. It underlies all and any communication between two individuals. As the founder of Animal Communication, Penelope Smith explains, “Telepathic communication involves the direct transmission of thoughts, concepts, mental images, emotions, impressions, feelings, sensations, and pure knowing.”

Animals pick up our intentions faster than we think they can, understanding the context behind the words we use. It is not only a gifted few but every one of us experience some degree of telepathic exchange within our intimate relationships. From receiving a phone call from the person, you were just thinking of preparing a favorite cuisine for which a family member has silently wished. It gets especially stronger with your animal companions. Dogs can sense when you are about to leave and return home. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, renowned biologist, has proved the telepathic connection between humans and animals, especially dogs. He examined more than 1000 case histories of dogs and cats who knew when their owners are returning home. They expressed it by waiting at a door or window at least half an hour ahead of their return. Dogs could anticipate their owners’ return irrespective of many experimental variations in routine times, routes, and vehicles of return etc. His research is documented in the book “Dogs that know when their owners are coming home: And other unexplained powers of animals.

This innate ability to understand the language of feelings is vividly seen in children. They are well connected to nature. As they grow, the societal conditioning makes them lose touch with their basic abilities. Diane Hennacy, M.D is integrative medical doctor, psychotherapist, and Neuropsychiatrist. She has created “The Telepathy Project” to study telepathic abilities in autistic children. She says, “Telepathy has been reported by people from almost every culture, and across the millennia. Hundreds of studies on telepathy have shown positive results. These statistical studies are not taken seriously because their effect size is too small to prove something labeled “impossible.” Science has remained stuck with this circular reasoning for over a century.” Animals being more in tune with nature around them retain this ability beyond the physical senses.

Small or big, every animal can communicate with us in a language of feelings. As Penelope Smith quotes, “The word ANIMAL comes from the Latin, ANIMA, which means life principle, breath, air, soul, living being. Recognition of the spiritual essence of animals and respecting them as fellow intelligent beings is vital to facilitate interspecies telepathic exchange.” One needs to keep one’s mind clear and open enough to receive messages from another species. Animal Communication demands love, compassion, empathy, and a continuous spiritual growth leading to purity, harmony, maturity, and stability of one’s mind. It requires one to stay clear of one’s own beliefs, judgements, ideas about one’s own self, others, and animals. It is a practice which serves with love and ends with gratitude in a fulfilled heart, requiring enough humility, truthfulness, and mindfulness along the journey. It does not lie on any mysterious or superstitious approach but has a strong code of ethics.

As an Animal Communicator, I always take permission both from pet animals and their parents before starting the connection. I respect everyone’s energetic boundaries including mine own. I counsel pet parents to reach a calmer state of mind in a situation of distress, for example, when their pet goes missing or is repeatedly behaving a particular way. This helps them ground and connect more effectively with their own pet to bring about change in the situation. To describe few experiences of pet parents: - “It was indeed miraculous” said Pilloo, the kitten’s guardians beaming with joy when they found him after a month at location miles away which he communicated. Another pet parent was thrilled to see their month-long missing dog “Charlie” back at the door after a week-long connection with him. One of the pet guardians reached out for help with her itching dog who was already being treated, showing little improvement. When I connected with him, he clearly felt distressed absorbing all the worry of his guardian which had resulted in irritation of skin. He started healing and sleeping well when his parent relaxed and eased out her own stress.

I never dismiss the importance of any action on physical level. At the same time, I am a strong believer of “faith” which keeps me grounded to work efficiently. Every situation is a combination of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. Therefore, whether it is health related or behavioral issue, it is important to address the physical cause first. I address and guide pet owners to nullify any ignorance at physical level. Having a Masters in Zoology, I insist on providing veterinary treatment for health issues and on understanding the scientific biological reasons behind behavioral issues.

Telepathic exchange does show healing and immediate changes right in the first session when animals feel deeply heard by the communicator and their parents. I tend to keep my distance from people who seek an instant magical solution without first taking necessary action to handle their side of the equation with their pets. I am only a facilitator acting as a messenger between the pet and his / her guardians, helping them understand the feelings and perspectives of their pets. I can request the pet animal for a negotiation, but they comply only when they feel the love and willingness to change from their human guardians. It is then that the problem situation resolves. My personal favorites are the animals, pets, or strays, who are about to make their transition, both who are on death bed and who have already made the transition.

Talking with them are truly revealing conversations sharing deep moments of a lifetime bond with entire family. Most of the times all the family members are trying to do everything to make their pet’s life as comfortable as possible and sometimes unwilling to let them move on. This makes pet animals feel stuck because of the responsibility they feel towards their family members. It causes immense pain and suffering for both the parties. Providing help for pet loss and grief is an enriching experience and often life changing for the pet parents. This passion has led me into developing myself as a professional counselor, integrating my love for animals to help humans understand and coexist happily.

Most of the people look at all such experiences as miracles, whether it is finding a missing animal or talking to animals in spirit. But isn’t it that we tend to label all things beyond our understanding as “miracles”? It is considered that spirituality can be experienced only by humans, and it distinguishes them from animals. But the research done by Jane Goodall reveals that there is no such sharp distinction between us and chimpanzees. While explaining the ritual in them, she says, “I think chimpanzees are as spiritual as we are, but they can’t analyse it. They don’t talk about it. They can’t describe what they feel. It’s all locked up inside them and the only way they can express it is through this fantastic, rhythmic dance”.

In Jane’s words, “It isn’t only human beings who have personality, who are capable of rational thought [and] emotions like joy and sorrow.”

Can Science dare to ask such questions and include the individuality in each animal? Telepathy has enabled me to perceive a new dimension that all of us are capable of experiencing but are not aware of. Are you ready to embark on such life enriching journey?

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