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An awful turn could lead into a wonderful experience! | Nishan Nizar

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Every story is a manifestation of our unwavering progress of confronting an obstacle through unforeseen circumstances. But in life, you always have to fight the bad days to earn the most glorious days of your life. His experience might not be unique, and it is quite common to have happened to anyone at a certain point in life. But this was my time, and I would like to share with you what life taught me along the way.

The Beginning…! In mid of 2018, while returning home, Nishan met with an accident where he was hit by a truck. However, God almighty bestowed a new life upon me which felt like a new life, filled with hope, and decided to pick himself and move on. Resistance was normal during this time, but there was a fire within him which refused to give up and sympathize with the situation. After numerous therapies and rehabilitation, he decided to accept himself and the situation around him which helped him know myself better.

It is that time when he realized that you discover the true strength of the ever-shining light within us only in our darkest hours of life.

Rising after the fall

As it is profoundly said, ‘Glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. What defines us is how well we rise after we fall’. This is exactly what he decided to do.

Nishan decided to ride along the waves, to travel, explore and pursue my passion to be a role model for others who are confined to a wheelchair. However, the seasons of his experience had to go through several hindrances and obstacles, but perseverance to overcome hurdles gave me direction to find a purpose for this new beginning.

Today, He is an aspiring model from Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala), striving to be an inspiration for others who thinks trivial for their unexpected, destined turns and inhibit their disabilities.

Apart from modelling, he is an artist, enjoy playing badminton, wanderer, fitness freak and even a diligent ramp walker. Having performed many reputed ramp shows, my only aim is to take out the endurance of the people and wants to be that confidence for the diffident.

He passionately believe that one life changing incident cannot halt anyone’s life changing dreams to achieve. Therefore, he is in constant pursuit to grab all the opportunities which god has paved in his path.

Nishan feel renewed because he was able to find a way through the darkness. In his recovering stage, Nishan want to rediscover this world of humanity, where each and every person deserves an equal opportunity to showcase their talent. This is the only reason why he strongly believe that – an awful turn could lead us into a wonderful experience in the journey of our life.
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