A true masterpiece does not tell everything!

22 years old from Anantnag breaking the barriers with sketching.

Amir is yet one more unsung hero from South Kashmir’s Anantnag district, who not only portrays his heart out, but is an expert in sitters too.

Grooming his passion since his childhood, Amir has sketched world’s renowned personalities which earned him a brief lived fame that faded away due to lesser media attention at the height of his career.

“I am sketching since my school days, I even have several awards and certificates within the gallery which I started receiving since my childhood, but the support I needed from the government was never given to me. I am never hungry of fame, all I would like may be a little recognition.”

“When I desire sending out a message to the general public, I use my pen which speaks on behalf of me. I am crazy with what I do.” Said Amir Firdous He believes that he is not an Instagram celebrity. Whenever he go through the trending sections of Instagram, many people having an enormous fan base for literally doing nothing.

This is often not any kind of jealousy for him but a incontrovertible fact that he always wanted to put forth. "There are many artist like me who deserves attention, who deserves an honest following but unfortunately our society behaves during a quite un- understandable way.” Said Amir Firdous.

Artists in other parts of the planet are looked upon as heroes for obvious reasons. Our society is usually accused of bias by the deserving artists. Fact is many artists located in Jammu and Kashmir doesn't even have approx. 1500 followers.

Later a few of “good for nothing” so called Instagram celebrity accounts were visited and results were shocking. Some people had quite 50,000 followers and when their timelines were checked, all we found were a couple of copied videos and images".

I have sketched some master pieces worth watching and price. His arts are hanging in various galleries and exhibitions.

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