Determined, dedicated, and visionary athlete to bag high achievements to his name | Pawan Kumar

Updated: Jun 10

Pawan Kumar is a determined, dedicated, and visionary athlete who has bagged high achievements to his name in the field of Javelin Throw.

He belongs to a small village in Baroda Sihani, Hapur District. Pawan’s sports journey has been full of struggles and sleepless nights. During his early phase, he had a limb injury. Later on, he got back to school and continued his gym alongside.

Due to household problems, Pawan had no option but to leave his gym. As he was passionate about Javelin Throw, he always had an inner desire to make India proud on the world stage in Javelin Throw.

Pawan started his javelin journey in the year 2018. Since then he had trained himself for 2 years non-stop and had never been to any family functions, parties or weddings.

His dream came true when he won a Gold medal in World Para Athletics Junior Championships Under 20 in 2019. He was the second one to win a medal in this competition and first one to win a gold. The gold medal was won in F 42-46 and F 61- 64 combined category.

He currently trains under the Sports Authority of India Gandhinagar, Gujrat and working hard to become the worlds best javelin thrower. Pawan wants to make his family proud through this sport and become a personality that can inspire many.

A young man from UP created history by winning gold. Pawan is so much a kind-hearted, humble and talented javelin thrower. His achievement is right at the top in Indian Javelin history.

After winning the gold Pawan was the front-page headline of all top newspapers as this was first time an Indian won the gold medal in this competition. Till now all returned with silver. He was also appreciated and welcomed by many institutes when he came back.

Pawan is a trendsetter and a hardworking athlete who is currently practicing hard.

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