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Are we living “virtually” ever…? | Vindya Ayyar

Digitally privileged is almost like “the earth” is under our disposal in an easy way. Apps give life and many chances to users. A few questions that pop up in my mind now are,

  1. Are we speaking our true minds through chats, messages and images?

  2. Are we happy with our digital disturbance or perhaps delighted more?

  3. Is it for our emotional purpose?

  4. Is it building a platform for the passive responders to unleash?

Apps give the opportunity to transform one’s personality from a Robot thinker to an emotionally drenched feeler. The virtual world is so beautiful that one “password” controls and stimulates mentally. “Distance makes the heart go stronger” and it has become an almost outdated statement now, with the 5G connectivity and speed.

We are able to stay logged on to anything at any time. The Sunrise and the Sunset are not deciding factors any more in the globalised world. One text, one alert, one mail, one phone call, one video chat, one voice note, and one image can make our day have a pleasant smile or leave us with a pathetic mindset.

There is a saying that our success is related to our name being figured in, on the Google search. And I often wondered why a military commando or an agent who works on risky jobs is never allowed to have any contact on social networking. What is their life? Their actions are more than a typical “type B” personality and maintaining a completely low profile is their success. Can they say that they are successful? It is difficult in this advanced tech-savvy world to clip the wings of desire when the virtual world is calling.

Is the world outside as exciting as this virtual world?

Here, people wear masks to cover their faces, and age and portray a fake attitude to sustain the competition. This exposure helps us to fly from our window to any continent. This addiction is self-satisfying, this kills our boredom and helps us to enjoy ourselves in a closed four walls.

However, Do we get to dress up to show our true selves? Do we meet people to understand the subtle body language to know their unspoken gestures? Does it help to read the actual smiley (emoticon) from their face?

Indians are dominating the digital world now, but the bad news is the happiness quotient is marked lower as compared to our neighbouring countries. Technology connects us but still, it is limping to unite. We are all witnessing the changes in social media and let’s remember that being human is essential in building up a “human” in the digital world also.

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