WFH - Blessing in Disguise!

Though the pandemic has dazed the world in an exception way and brought numerous businesses to a stand-still, the enforced digitisation has hastened the pace of various new and existing sectors.

Even though, the work from home culture seemed formidable to many companies’ prior pandemic, remote working proved to be equally productive and super cost-effective.

Fintech Boost: The demand for contactless solutions has tremendously increased the employment of fintech services, a sector that escalated with tremendous tracker since the inception of the coronavirus pandemic. With the flow of increased services at the time of pandemic, consumers are now tapping into much more personalised, multi-optional financial experiences in areas such as payments bank, insurance, property etc. Fintech is making the buzz everywhere around the world with further advances expected in the years to come.

Self-care – Health and Wellness: Health and personal well-being have received a remarkable push during the pandemic because work from home regime made people realise the importance of self-care to cope with the distress and mental distortion to lead a healthy and efficient lifestyle. This change in thought resulted in sky-rocketing growth of online health and wellness services including remote diagnostics, mental healthcare, online fitness, nutrition and diet, motivational contents etc. The sudden spike in demand distinctly highlights the current user-driven popularity of the self-care sector. The increased exposure and awareness of well-being among users will lead the self-care sector to grown even after the pandemic.

Cloud, SAAS and Remote-working Platforms: Needless to mention, rise of SaaS and remote-working platforms in times of COVID-19 is not astounding. Like every sector was forced to adjust their current business activities, such tools came to the rescue for productivity levels. It also provided businesses with innovative and secure ways to optimize ongoing assignments and data access. This technological shift has helped businesses to realise the value and operational ease that cloud adoption can bring to them.

Delivery and e-Commerce: Shopping habits of people have largely affected with e-commerce and delivery services thriving in size. The transformation of e-commerce through pandemic has accelerated consumers’ shift toward various e-commerce platforms and this trend is not expected to fade away anytime soon.

OTT stride: Global OTT market tracked astonishing growth during the pandemic lockdowns as social isolation measures led to increased interest in online content and brought OTT platforms to almost everyone’s home which remains a permanent which is unlikely to change.

Frozen Food Packaging: Amplified buying and indulgence purchases have driven remarkable growth for frozen food and other consumable brands during the pandemic compared to historical levels, boosting demand for the different types of packaging used for these products.

Pet Ownership: The lockdowns and work from home regime has triggered a surge in pet industry as adoption of pets became a significant component for pet lovers to make them part of their family. Pet households also fuelled the pet product and service market which has helped re-shape the pet industry and composed it an apple of investors’ eyes.

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