The supreme Fecundity is "saying no"...

"Yes" The word we often use in our habitual life, whether it is to answer something or for agreeing the work. Sometimes the situation comes to you and actually you don't want to do the same but still you agree for doing that.

Then later on we realize and ache frustrated for our obligations but on the same time we are the ones who said yes to them at first attempt. Sometimes it becomes necessary to refuse or to say no rather than putting yourself in the situation you don't want to.

Saying no is not insulting or offending someone as people think of it but is more productive at some moments where you can get rid of muster of problems with you and others.

Often we agree to many requests not because we want to do them but we don't want us to see rude, arrogant, Hubristic, conceited and unhelpful though that may not meaningfully improve or support our lives then It becomes necessarily Necessary to refuse something not only for your sake but the sake of your loved ones, relatives and even for your society.

Many of the cases has been witnessed that some persons force you or any other person to stay in a relationship where you don't want to, you have to say no for yourself, for your dignity, for your nobility, for your self-respect, for your peace of mind.

In the same case people doesn't dare to say no because they are afraid what the society will talk about us, how can we face them then and they bare all the problems silently they even don't talk about it then, they kind of shut their mouth for lifetime and make their lives as hell or even worse than that.

But this is not fair one shouldn't bare the problems by thinking of what society will tell rather you should have courage to say no to those problems and don't even think what shit the people are going to tell because the life is yours not theirs.

Similarly in other cases you should dare to say no or refuse if you are not willing to do that, it not only saves your time but makes your other work to go smooth, There is nothing bad in saying no because if it would then this word wouldn't have existed before.

Sometimes we also fear to say no because of the following problems:

  1. We don't want to hurt the other person as he/she may our close one.

  2. Fear of rejection by another person.

  3. Things get delayed as we have too much on our plate. We are overloaded.

  4. Burden of over expectations from others.

  5. we are afraid to say no because we want to please other persons. We do not want let down our image of being very nice , of being always helpful and supportive.

  6. we feel pressurized.

Or there may be some other reasons where we are afraid to say no because saying no could even be viewed as hurtful or selfish. But it is better to say now if we are genuine and cannot uphold it. At times, by saying No, one can save oneself from future misery and also save disappointment to others.

At last I would like to share the quote written by "Tony Blair"

The art of leadership is saying no not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes.

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