The Space.

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

It is the distance between expectations and reality.

Therein, in that space, lies discomfort. For some that space may overwhelm.

When our reality does not meet our expectations, it may leave us wanting, uncomfortable.

For some, that space is greeted with negative anticipation. In the face of negative anticipation, we may fight, take flight or freeze.

Many seek to avoid such a space. To seek to avoid makes for anxiety. With that, the space is enlarged and looms menacingly. As it grows, it takes more of our attention. We may get lost within it. We may feel engulfed.

Therein, in that space too, lies opportunity.

That opportunity is the outcome of shrinking the space.

Shrinking the space – the space between expectations and reality – an opportunity.

The opportunity is to overcome expectations unmet, the adversity it may impose.

To shrink the space, we do so with choices.

We may choose to adjust to the space, accept it. Indeed, in some situations that may be wise. However, in other circumstances, the opportunity may be one of growth.

When we embrace growth, when we appreciate that growth is not typically an event, but a process over time, therein we develop ourselves to achieve the reality we seek. We stretch, motivated by the space between expectation and reality and a desire to shrink it.

Wisdom requires us to be patient.

Wisdom also requires us to consider options and to choose those consistent with growth and to accept that space as a catalyst.

We can play in the space. We can use it as a place to try on new strategies, new learnings, new behaviours, all the result of choices we undertake. Playing in the space it becomes our friend, an ally. What once was discomforting, is now a play area, the playground of opportunity and choices.

We thank the space. It no longer is something to be avoided.

We embrace the space.

We wind up better for having entered it.

The distance between expectations and reality – a place to play and grow.

The space.

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