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Updated: May 27

When I tell people that I built and launched a satellite into orbit, I encounter mostly surprised faces, yet hilarious. I don't think many will think I am joking either, because I am not that type when it comes to business matters. They are just in disbelief.

Perhaps because I am a woman who deal with such advanced technology, or because of the sceptical view that a satellite can only be owned by a government or a huge corporation affiliated to the government, which is apparently not true.

Living a happy life requires a strong sense of perspective. If you see it Is impossible, it will definitely become impossible. If one sees every single thing as positive, the world gives us a more wonderful view each and everyday the world we wake up in the morning. No one says living a life is easy, but again, it is how you see your life that you want to be.

I think being a woman is the greatest gift. And also a blessing. I don't feel there is any hindrance except I put it to myself. Again, it is all about perspective. If you feel good about yourself, nothing else really matters. At least, that's how I interpret it.

People with a limited perspective on life will claim that technology solely caters to a specific demographic, gender, or social status of people. I am not too sure why people think technology should be defined according to those factors since we are now in the era of massive technological evolution. Especially when the pandemic era starts to change everything. Again, it is all about perspective. Technology is not exclusive anymore. It is now necessary to own, learn to operate, and maintain one.

Professional and personal environment, as well as how you enable and nurture your mindset to become a part of who you are, all contribute to your perspective. You can learn a lot about a person's character by their point of view, which allows you to determine what kind of environment they come from. If people aren't fond of you because of your appearance or because they are insecure about what they perceive in you, simply dance away! It's merely a perspective.

I am just fortunate that my upbringing teaches me that there is no need to be masculine to prove any of my strongest points. Being a woman is to make a difference. Giving extra colours in your own way, your own personal touch to transform the world. To compliment, not to compete. You can be anything with feminity values. Having your kingdom of influence with your own capability. At the very least, in my own world!:)


Sue Kamal is a Global Ambassador Commonwealth EC and a Global Award Winning Entrepreneur. Presently active in Aerospace, Satellite, Energy and High Technology related section.

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